Private: Case Study: Custom Briefings

“The professionalism in which V2 operated, the ability to do all of these things, including multiple requirements for multiple areas from marketing, operations, sales and technology, all from beginning to end. There were multiple people involved (in the process) and through each transition, nothing fell off…”
— Stephane Longchamp, Director of Advertising Operations, Custom Briefings

Company Snapshot

As a division of Bulletin News, Custom Briefings partners with top medical, educational, and professional associations to deliver their respective members with the latest industry specific news. Major subscribers include the American Med

As a division of Bulletin News, Custom Briefings partners with top medical, educational, and professional associations to deliver their respective members with the latest industry specific news. Major subscribers include the American Medical Association, the Drug Information Association, and the National Education Association.  Custom Briefings generates unique news content and develops publications overnight, delivering the latest interest pieces to subscribers each weekday morning.  Custom Briefings sells digital ad space directly to advertisers and also partners with agencies for indirect selling.

The Challenge

V2 inherited the project without details on the thought process behind the initial deployment. No formal training had been performed to date and manual processes, though the source of generating key data for management reporting purposes, resulted in low user adoption. By reps and managers alike, was perceived as a reactive tool and not  a strategic platform.

Project Snapshot

V2 initially conducted an operations consulting project to identify business challenges facing Custom Briefings, both at an organizational and departmental level.  V2 reviewed and analyzed the client’s overall IT architecture and applied suggested areas of focus for the potential optimization of This project enabled V2 to gain extensive knowledge and insight into the people, processes and technology at Custom Briefings, and in addition, generated a larger engagement for V2 to optimize their instance of  Combined with V2’s expertise in both the media vertical and in optimization, V2 applied the key business and process knowledge learned throughout the initial engagement and provided the client with a solution to fit both their business processes and culture.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Proposal Management
  • Opportunity and Revenue Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Training
  • Mobile
  • Data and Analytics
  • User Adoption
  • Enterprise Architecture and Planning

The Strategy

Given extensive experience in optimizing iterations of for clients varying in size and scope within the media vertical, V2 applied its expertise to effectively model client organizations and business processes.

V2 Key Solutions

  • Enhanced standard objects and constructed custom objects to sufficiently capture relevant Lead, Account, and Contact data for optimal prospect and client management.
  • Deployed multiple record types across Accounts and Contacts to distinguish between Advertiser, Agency, and Association accounts.
  • Refined Opportunity and IO management process by developing relevant stage and probability measures and modeling fields to capture data relevant for high-level marketing segmentation and executive reporting.
  • Deployed Revenue Schedules for Opportunities to deliver increased accuracy in projecting sales revenue.
  • Created custom HTML button and Apex trigger to streamline the process of creating new insertion orders from an opportunity, allowing for field information to be passed to and from each object.
  • Assisted client in manipulating integration between and homegrown ad campaign training system.
  • Designed dynamic reports and dashboards for the executive and management teams to track Opportunities associated with prospects, current customers, and Agency Accounts.  Deployed series of Opportunity reports with schedules to enable management to track projected revenue recognition by month.
  • Inspired user adoption by optimizing avenues for users to manage their time and data, deploying and providing training on Chatter, and by providing an in-depth full day training session for all system users.

V2 Key Takeaways

Empowering Custom Briefings to leverage as a strategic platform allows for greater return on investment and enhanced stickiness and user adoption. was configured for managing prospects, customers, associations, agency accounts, sales opportunities, and increase flexibility in the IO creation and development process.  By deploying Chatter, streamlining page layouts, increasing object to object data flow, and providing in-depth training to end-users, V2 invigorated user adoption.  Increased user adoption will enable better visibility for management into staff productivity, revenue recognition, and allow for very data-driven decisions on strategic account targeting and marketing campaign management.

The Bottom Line

Through extensive business process re-engineering (BPR), V2 identified key areas of focus imperative for Custom Briefings to consider in order to ensure an immediate return on investment and increase overall user adoption of their existing instance of  Applying both business process, organizational, and cultural insights gained in the initial part of this project, V2 leveraged the extensive IT architecture overview and roadmap created to optimize with highly customized design and functionality to fit the client’s unique business needs.