We are a management and technology consultancy servicing global brands across Communications, Media, Technology and Consumer / Luxury.


Our mix of high-quality talent, agile working style, global enterprise experience and methodical delivery frequently evokes the term "refreshing" from our clients.


With 10+ years of Salesforce1 Platform experience, we transform some of the world's most recognized brands.

Who We Are

V2 is the antithesis of the all-measure, no-action consulting theorists. We get excited about being held accountable to roll up our sleeves and implement solutions. We bring to the table years of experience as individual contributors, managers and leaders in startup, SMB and global organizations.


How We Work

We believe that we’re not like the others. Long, ineffective calls drive us crazy. Imagine replacing exhaustive slide decks with whiteboarding and unnecessary meetings with execution. We learn the nuances of your business by listening more than talking. Spending energy on strategic planning is balanced with executing tactical activities. We build trust through transparency in everything we do. V2 is changing the rules of engagement.

Global Reach


New York


Dominican Republic