Account Projections Forecasting

V2’s Account Projections Forecasting module supports a second form of forecasting (besides IO Forecasting) where organizations estimate or project spend for an Account on a fiscal year or rolling twelve month basis.

Key Benefits

  • Highly valuable data for sales reps and sale management to capture and manage '30k foot view' of Accounts
  • Hundreds or thousands of hours saved through reduction of spreadsheet aggregation
  • High user adoption rates due to ease of use
  • Increased stickiness

Key Features

  • Visually pleasing Excel-like grid for rapid entry of projections
  • Ability to build projections with monthly figures or by media type
  • Management console available to search across all records and modify on behalf of reps
  • Real-time sums calculated in on screen
  • Multi-user or brand-specific projections for same Account
  • Integration with actuals possible to provide side by side comparisions