Print+Digital IO Forecasting

V2’s Print+Digital IO Forecasting module is a highly advanced solution layered on top of’s Opportunities object.

Key Features

  • Manages print, digital and mixed media type forecasting
  • Advanced filtering of forecast records by Account, title, issue or other attributes
  • May include V2’s Rapid Product Selector solution to easily filiter large Product lists
  • Ability to rapidly clone entire forecast records or individual line items
  • Flexible approach to rate cards / product catalogues based on unique needs
  • Works natively with V2’s Sales Assignments / Splits / Quotas engine
  • Integrates with order management and billing systems

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces clicks for sales reps to enter and update forecast records
  • Highly scalable, proven ability to manage large, multi-business unit / title organizations
  • Enhanced visibility for sales leadership and finance across entire forecasting lifecycle
  • Improved adoption rates for existing reps and faster onboarding of new hires
  • Better alignment of sales and billing