RFP / Proposal Management

V2’s RFP/Proposal Management module is designed for organizations where RFPs are frequent and collaboration on proposals is critical.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable screen to capture relevant summary-level RFP information
  • Budget breakdown by media type including print, digital, tablet or others
  • Attach multiple versions of proposal responses
  • Leverage Salesforce Chatter for real-time collaboration and file sharing
  • Track stages from ‘RFP Received’ through ‘Agency Recommendation’ and ‘Commit’
  • Report on key amounts to see an RFP pipeline figure
  • Track marketing resource utilization across people, hours and budget
  • Link on or many forecast records / insertion orders for full lifecycle reporting

Key Benefits

  • Significant ROI through reduction or elimination of missed RFPs
  • Better capture of ‘top of the funnel’ pipeline prior to forecasting records entered into system
  • Insightful long-term archive of RFPs and historical trending
  • Improved cross-departmental collaboration