Sales Assignment / Splits / Quota Engine

V2’s Sales Assignments/Splits/Quotas Engine module is a highly advanced, code-based solution to suit the complex needs of media organizations. The Engine works seemlessly with V2’s IO Foreasting module.

Key Features

  • Flexible engine which handles assignments across various brands and media types including print and digital
  • Designed to take sales assignment feeds from legacy order management or billing systems
  • Works tightly with native security model, objects and features
  • Allows for single Opportunity (IO Forecast) record model rather than managing duplicate split partner Opportunities
  • Full split revenue reporting available
  • Quotas can be assigned by time period and by media type

Key Benefits

  • Finally manage IO Forecasting the right way within without tedious workarounds
  • Dramatically reduce time to manage sales assignments
  • Automate calculation of splits
  • Improve sales rep productivity through elimination of duplicate entry of Opportunities (IO Forecasts)
  • Track quotas vs. split revenue attainment in vs. manual spreadsheets