V2 D(3P) Assessment

V2's D(3P) framework recognizes the highly interconnected nature of:

Data Quality
Process Improvement
People Productivity
Platform Integrations

After 10+ years of Cloud consulting for highly regarded brands, we believe that transformational change, whether large-scale or modest, inevitably requires analysis and action in each of these critical areas. Long gone are the days of drawn out consulting assessments. Let's talk weeks. V2's proven D(3P) assessments have laid the foundation for global organizations to begin implementing high-impact change. And unlike the other all-measure, no-action consulting theorists (you know who they are), V2 will be there to collaboratively execute on a tactical plan. Our D(3P) Assessment program is typically conducted over a six to ten week period and includes:

  • Executive Alignment Sessions

  • Multi-Region / Multi-Role End-User Assessment Workshops

  • Current IT Systems Architecture Reviews

  • Salesforce Systems Design Deep Dives

  • Findings Summary Review & Recommendations

  • Actionable SOW Build