V2 Data Rehab

In our 12+ years of Salesforce and Cloud consulting, we've rarely met a prospective client who didn't agonize over the state of their CRM data. It shouldn't be so hard, but it is. As Cloud architecture continues to mature, data dependencies between front end and downstream systems grow. You reasonably want a seamlessly integrated quote-to-cash flow with clean, non-duplicative data. Understood. Salespeople keep complaining about their accounts, and blame it on Billing. Billing, on the other hand, is wondering why Sales can't enter accurate data. Let the debate begin.

V2 provides proven world-class data rehabilitation services. We're proud of having successfully tackled extraordinarily complex data challenges with global enterprises. Our Data Rehab program begins by rapidly analyzing the state of your data and charting out a path forward in digestible chunks. Improving data quality can feel more like turning a large ship than pivoting a speedboat. V2 will bring a methodical but agile approach to accelerate your company's data quality. V2's Enterprise Data Enhancement Model ("V2 EDEM") recognize the complex manner in which companies should view data quality:


Structuring Data

Capturing Data

Organizing Data

Presenting Data

Moving Data

Governing Data

Securing Data

Augmenting Data

Normalizing Data

Sharing Data

Cleansing Data

Analyzing Data

Applying Data


But V2 doesn't stop with analysis. We roll up our sleeves and leverage advanced Salesforce data tools, write code-based cleansing scripts, build improved integrations and share data governance IP among other data-related activities. It's a journey. You'll be glad you engaged us.