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V2 Ad Sales CRM powers media organizations with capabilities to seamlessly manage the complexities of ad sales spanning print, digital, programmatic, events, subscriptions, mobile, custom solutions, and more. Now, media organizations can leverage the power of core Salesforce Clouds and Salesforce Analytics to manage Advertisers, Agencies, RFPs, Opportunities, Orders, and more, with speed and agility. Leveraging automation, analytics, and a 360-degree view of your organization, you can increase productivity, revenue, and the user experience all from the fast, secure, mobile-ready Salesforce cloud-based platform.


Finally, an end-to-end Ad Sales solution powered by the Salesforce platform.

The world of ad sales is incredibly complex. Now more than ever, it is critical to seamlessly track all of your data in one place. With V2 Ad Sales CRM, you can easily manage all of your advertising and agency relationships, RFPs, Opportunities, Orders, and more from a centralized, streamlined system.


Account-Based Forecasting

Centralize forecast revenue by Account across different revenue types customized for your business. With the V2 Account Estimates Manager, you can view forecasted revenue data by Advertiser, by month or quarter, with clean views into last year advertising revenue data to maximize visibility and accuracy of forecasting activities.

Advanced Relationship Management

Easily manage Advertisers, Agencies, and all of your associated contacts from a single, centralized location. Keep track of the complex web of Advertiser and Agency relationships and efficiently navigate account hierarchies to optimize your CRM experience.

Activity & Key Meeting Summary Management

Seamlessly track and manage key activities across Advertiser and Agency Accounts and Contacts, including seller meetings, email interactions, proposal reviews, QBRs, and more. With V2’s Meeting Summary Solution, enable your sellers to easily capture, plan, and collaborate on key meetings, all in real-time, while providing a centralized view of attendee meeting notes for future reference. With key advertiser and agency touchpoint data in Salesforce, you will never have to worry about knowledge flight again.

Account Intelligence & Account Planning

Effectively plan, strategize, and sell to Advertisers directly or through their respective Agencies via integrations with advanced account intelligence tools, all while leveraging V2’s Strategic Account Plan Snapshot Solution to maintain a single-source of truth when it comes to point-in-time account goals and objectives, keeping ad sellers, managers, and executives all on the same page.

Advanced Account Assignment Management

Managing ad sales account assignments across multiple publications, sites, and media types, can be incredibly complex. We have simplified this through V2’s Advanced Account Assignment Management Solution, designed to ease activities related to account assignments for administrators and your sales operations team. Sellers now have clear visibility into their assigned accounts, with proper controls to ensure activities and Opportunities are created against the right accounts, improving data quality, increasing integrity with downstream systems including order management, and improving the end user experience.

RFP & Proposal Management

Track and maintain RFPs and associated proposals in your CRM, all while enabling frictionless collaboration between sales, marketing, and other teams. Executives and Sales Management can now have transparency into all open, won, and lost RFPs across the ad sales organization, eliminating lack of visibility caused when RFPs get stuck in seller inboxes.

Upfront Commitment & Programmatic Pipeline Management

Centrally manage upfronts and commitments in Salesforce and gain insights into related order data to track progress, either through integrated order summaries syncing from OMS or by leveraging Einstein Analytics to pull in order data against a particular agreement to track progress toward goals.

Insertion-Based Forecast Management

Too often, we encounter media companies who overengineer their Opportunity design in Salesforce, only to end up with an OMS in their CRM. This results in poor adoption as well as poor data, leaving executives and sales managers without clear visibility into insertion-based forecast data. We have designed a more simplified approach for ad sellers to manage their Opportunities in Salesforce, while maintaining a proper distinction between CRM and order management data.

Sellers can now leverage V2’s Product Selector Solution to eliminate friction in cross-media Opportunity creation and management. Our solution can be customized to your business, enabling end users to easily add and manipulate cross-media estimates against a single Opportunity in Salesforce, including print, digital, programmatic, event, subscription, mobile, and custom solution products. With simplified Opportunity management, ad sales organizations can now easily report on flighted, pre-IO revenue, giving executives and managers the ultimate view of the pipeline.

Pre- & Post-Sales Collaboration Management

Enable effortless collaboration between pre- and post-sales teams leveraging out-of-the-box Case functionality customized for the nuances of ad sales. Empower marketing, sales, ad operations, finance, and pricing/inventory teams to best collaborate throughout the sales cycle and centrally manage open requests and initiatives, along with all related communication.

Revenue Splits Management

Leverage V2’s Account Assignment + Revenue Splits Engine to easily manage revenue splits, by IO/opportunity and by product. While the complexities of your splits logic may never go away, we have a solution that will help simplify the management of splits and related security measures in your CRM, keeping ad sellers, corporate sales teams, sales managers, ad operations, and finance organized and happy.

Comps List Management

Although a common practice in media, comps distribution can be costly if not managed effectively. Further exacerbating the challenge is the fact that various publications within a media organization may not be privy to data around comps provided by other publications. The V2 Comp List Management Solution allows ad sales executives and assigned comp list administrators to add, modify, approve, or remove individuals from a publication-specific comp list.

Marketing Programs Management

The Marketing function within ad sales is very strategic in nature, yet it must be supported with strong, tactical, ground-level execution. The V2 Marketing Programs Management Solution provides a means for team members to manage high-level data around approved programs, or initiatives, in a centralized database and link other key data sets such as related RFPs and even Opportunity records if such granularity is desired. This solution will improve transparency around the business generated as a result of a particular marketing program or initiative.


Leverage the power of Salesforce TableauCRM and experience Analytics for All. We have designed analytics accelerators to meet the needs of any team supporting your ad sales flow. Centralize dashboards for Executives, Sales Management, Sales, Finance, Middle Office, Ad Operations, Marketing, and more, delivering visualizations across Advanced Pipeline and Forecasting, Agency QBRs, Campaign Pacing, and Revenue Recognition.


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