In the world of high-end management and technology consulting, V2 admittedly is a relative newcomer. In comparison to longstanding strategy firms or global SIs, our roots are squarely in the Cloud. Rather than staffing up an army of consultants, we take a Special Forces approach, deploying small teams of highly capable professionals to become an extension of your team. We go well beyond analysis and findings summaries. Execution is part of our DNA.

We consider ourselves a rare blend of capabilities under one roof. Our teams are equally as comfortable discussing strategic goals in the boardroom with CXOs as spending an afternoon whiteboarding sales process flows or debating the most effective way to integrate disparate systems. We approach business problem solving with a highly technical slant, never forgetting the consulting fundamentals of process improvement and change management. World-class program management is at the heart of everything we do. Data and analytics is a passion. We deliver what you deserve: a high-value, low-risk and personalized boutique experience. Engage with us – it will feel right.