Change Management

CRM and technology deployments as a whole are tough, period. Getting the design right is only one aspect influencing success. Process improvement gets you further but is not a panacea. What about the cultural, political and other factors which never make it to the screen? People don’t always like change (an understatement, right?). Executives and middle managers need to begin each project asking critical and in some cases contentious questions. It’s looking at the person in the mirror.

We’d like to say, “We’ve seen it all,” but we haven’t. Each client is indeed different. While we encourage our clients to take the lead, our team is alongside you, helping to drive tough but long overdue conversations around changing habits and creating new rituals. We relate experiences and craft strategies to best fit your organization’s unique culture. We strive to align executives who may bring differing perspectives to the conversation. It’s about shepherding your people through the necessary change in a comforting manner.