Cloud Architecture

The Cloud is here to stay. In the coming years, companies will continue to face the challenge of how to intelligently evolve mixed Cloud and on-premise application architectures. What should you run in the Cloud? Which legacy applications do you need to sunset? How will your changing business processes and strategies be supported by IT solutions? These are difficult questions to answer. It’s not always black and white.

Cloud platforms like Salesforce are rapidly becoming the central hub of enterprise architectures. Strong ecosystems of pre-integrated solutions offer faster time-to-value add-ons. But despite these exciting advancements, challenges remain in aligning upstream and downstream system schemas and in ensuring data is properly synchronized. Clients still agonize over which applications are best suited to manage the complex quote-to-cash lifecycle. Cloud development efforts need to adapt to a world of strict governor limits. V2 shepherds our clients through this new paradigm, sharing years of experience assisting enterprise clients shape a Cloud-centric architectural vision.