IT Program Management

Projects come in all shapes, sizes and complexities. Large, multi-divisional, cross-departmental programs don’t scare us – they put a smile on our face. We embrace the challenge of breaking down your technology and business challenges into digestible chunks, rapidly learning your company’s unique vernacular and quickly setting up systems and operating procedures to begin executing. Accelerating time to value is paramount. Your executives need results yesterday. We get it.

We don’t walk in the door dictating the “right way” to measure or execute – we listen, seek to understand, share our acquired wisdom and embark on a collaborative journey with you. V2’s methods are a blend of agile and waterfall and always involve the use of Cloud-based systems to support efficient data exchange between our teams. We pride ourselves on running highly efficient meetings where quality trumps quantity. We believe you deserve transparency and accountability through weekly reporting of goals, achievements and hurdles. We don’t believe sending mountains of emails proves our worth. It all seems so intuitive, yet clients continue to say that V2’s approach is indeed refreshingly different.