Sales Effectiveness

Some people say that if you have never sold, you cannot possibly understand. Our response? First, V2 has worked with thousands of sellers from various industries, company sizes and roles. We’ve been exposed to varying methods and philosophies around pipeline building, deal acceleration, weighted pipelines, effective forecasting, advanced revenue modeling, opportunity stage definitions and other aspects of sales. Second, before founding V2, our CEO began his career in technology as an enterprise software salesman for Oracle Corporation where he was trained in world-class methods he still evangelizes today. Third, V2 has successfully acquired hundreds of clients, including some of the world’s most recognized brands. Conclusion: V2 gets sales.

What can we do for you? V2 takes a holistic approach to assessing, analyzing and improving your organization’s sales effectiveness. To start, we look at cultural aspects, systems usage, data quality and process efficiencies. Next, we discuss our findings and determine whether your organization is truly ready for change. Finally, we jointly implement a plan which typically includes technology enhancements, improved data quality and agreed upon best practices. Although seller productivity will never be a panacea for missed revenue targets, it will always be a critical factor in the success of your sales organization. Chart a new path to sales effectiveness with V2 as your objective observer and advisor.