Training & Adoption

Long gone are those multi-day training extravaganzas. People talk training hours, not training days. Salespeople want to be in front of clients. Support folks have customers to make happy. Marketing campaigns can’t wait. Point well taken. V2 has built a flexible, multi-platform approach to training, allowing clients to blend in-person vs. virtual, classroom vs. web courses and end user vs. train-the-trainer sessions.  

We’ve learned a lot over the years regarding optimizing the user experience and driving high adoption rates. We take into consideration a range of human factors from high-level cultural and political elements down to detailed process flows and click-through patterns. Whether helping to address low adoption rates on your existing system or going live with a newly designed Salesforce, V2 will add tremendous value to your training team. We share lessons learned, well-developed IP and world-class training and adoption methods for you to leverage on an ongoing basis. Like it or not, when done properly your training and adoption journey never ends.