Whether ad tech, fintech, medical technology or other solutions designed to support a particular industry, organizations need to execute sales, marketing and customer service activities in a well-coordinated and multi-channel fashion. Driving internal operational efficiencies through process improvement and productivity enhancements is essential. Technology truly is an industry where small nuances can lead to a large competitive advantage.

V2’s experience in technology spans B2B and B2C, myriad industry segments and many departments. Our unique V2 D(3P) management consulting program offers a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of your prospect-to-cash flow based on observations spanning people, process, platforms and data. But V2 doesn’t stop with the assessment phase. We can help you optimize the connections between marketing automation, CRM, contracts and order management, billing, BI and other systems. You need to think big because moving slowly in the world of technology is not an option. Let’s work together – one process flow, one department, one feature set at a time – with speed and agility to drive top-line growth.