If they only knew all the behind the scenes hard work it took for that Sunday afternoon game or performance to happen… we do. V2 is at the forefront of an industry transformation in sports and entertainment. It’s not just about deploying a CRM and operations system for premium, sponsorships, stadium operations, community relations or other areas of sports and entertainment organizations. It’s also, and perhaps more importantly, taking a look at legacy processes across marketing, sales, customer service and other departments and asking the tough question, “Can you do this better?” In many cases, yes you can.

With the changing nature of the fan / customer experience, a much higher bar around multi-channel customer service and increased competition around live events, sports and entertainment companies must “up their game” (no pun intended). V2, having worked with numerous professional sports organizations and leagues as well as top entertainment companies, is well-qualified to offer an end-to-end range of services beginning with world-class management consulting through deep systems integration across CRM, ticketing, BI and other critical parts of your technology infrastructure.