Cloud-Based Comp List Manager


A global media organization had disparate comp lists being managed in silos across various titles. Costs associated with print publication comps were high and it was challenging to reduce duplicates and excessive comps with the current system.


We began to analyze both the technical structure of the various comp lists and the existing processes utilized to submit new and manage existing comps. Technical analysis uncovered that the various lists were not connected, leading to excessive duplicate entries of the same contact. In addition, due to limited access by sales reps to the existing non Cloud-based comp list system, comps were not being updated with proper frequency and individual lists showed a high level of inaccuracy.



V2 built a comp list system allowing the client to migrate off of their legacy technology. The centralized, Cloud-based approach allowed a single contact to be modeled out in the database regardless of the number of titles the contact received comps for on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This provided much better transparency, reduced duplicate comps and provided an easy to access and maintain system for sales reps. Dramatic cost savings should be realized by reducing the number of duplicate comps and by better managing relationships with a single view of an industry contact.