Magazine Ad Sales Forecasting


A leading global magazine publisher needed to streamline operations due to a declining print advertising market and a growing digital presence which did not sufficiently cover the downturn in print. In addition, the client’s homegrown print ad sales forecasting system was not flexible enough to easily support new media types such as tablet and was not tightly integrated with digital.


V2 began with a rapid assessment of the publisher’s ad sales process flows across print and digital. The team not only gained insight from sales executives, managers and individual contributors but also interacted with billing team members who were a critical part of the downstream order processing. Functional and technical needs were outlined in a blueprint document which clearly outlined what we were hearing from various team members and made clear recommendations around process improvement, organizational change management and technical elements.

A major emphasis was placed on providing ad sales executives an easy to use, mobile-enabled system for ongoing relationship management activities and for insertion order forecasting. In addition, our teams realized that more comprehensive and clean data capture up front would improve downstream billing processes, ultimately increasing the productivity of both teams.



V2 led a successful multi-stage deployment of a single global instance of which supported both print and digital ad sales teams across many titles. Ad sales executives were able to more efficiently track ongoing relationships with advertisers and agencies and easily capture critical meeting summaries. In addition, ad sales were provided a custom designed interface to capture and update insertion order forecasts for titles they represented and tight integration between the new CRM / forecasting system and legacy order management / billing systems were achieved. This single system approach across all print titles and digital ad sales provided executives with enhanced transparency and real-time reporting, eliminating many spreadsheets previously used to capture various ad sales-related data.