Newspaper Ad Sales & Order Data Integration


A leading newspaper was utilizing Excel spreadsheets to manage a majority of sales-related functions from lead management, through ongoing relationship management and ad sales forecasting. Additionally, sales rep access to critical order data was limited as it was being managed in legacy print order systems.


V2 met with the client’s ad sales teams who were selling into different categories and who had varying methods and needs. It was discovered that some ad sales reps were much more transactionally oriented while others performed more strategic selling activities. Through detailed workshops and analysis of individual team’s spreadsheets, we were able to identify common elements to be incorporated into a single system design. Technical deep dives were conducted to understand the legacy print order system’s data structure in order that such data could be integrated back into the CRM system.



V2 designed and deployed an end to end solution which allowed the newspaper client’s various teams to manage leads, accounts and contacts as well as capture key activities. Moreover, high-level insertion order forecasting was implemented to gain more transparency into sales pipelines. Integration of the print order system’s data back into the CRM system was completed by matching accounts and orders in the two systems, allowing sales reps to easily access high-value data in a Cloud and mobile enabled system. Anticipated benefits include reduced knowledge flight, greater transparency in sales opportunities, improved reporting and greater rep productivity.