Digital Ad Sales Revenue Flighting

& Dart Integration


A digital media organization was not able to appropriately capture and flight out digital ad sales revenue. In addition, DFP data and data from the existing digital billing system was not being made available for ad sales reps and management reporting.


The V2 team met with the client’s digital sales and ad operations team to understand the current state from a process, technology and data perspective. From a process perspective, digital ad sales forecasting and updating of records needed to improve in order to obtain a better state of revenue flighting reporting. From a technology and data perspective, the current CRM system, DART and the digital billing system data needed to be better aligned in integrated.



V2 optimized the system to automate the flighting of data based on flight start and end dates. This made sales reps’ interaction with the system more efficient and distributed the monthly flighting data in an automated manner. V2 also worked with the client’s technology team to optimize integration with DFP and to adjust opportunity forecast records revenue flighting with actual data from the digital billing system. The newly designed system provided much-improved transparency throughout the entire ad sales and digital campaign cycle by bringing together data from disparate systems into an intuitive user interface.