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Guide To Operational Excellence for Media CXO’s

About this eBook

The media advertising industry is, undoubtedly, fiercely competitive. Many media companies struggle to find a competitive edge let alone realize the traditional business school notion of a ‘sustained competitive advantage.’ And while chief digital officers, publishers, and others are focused on ensuring a media organization’s products and services are compelling in the marketplace, high-level operations executives obsess 24/7 over a different key question: “How can our ad sales process run more efficiently and effectively in order to make a measurable impact on both the top line and the bottom line?”

This has become an even more challenging task post-pandemic, as the vast majority of media companies have moved their ad sales organizations to a fully remote model. And, despite any positive indicators on the horizon, it is likely that many companies will remain highly remote for the foreseeable future. It is more challenging than ever to make connections, nurture advertiser and agency relationships, gain real-time insights into sellers interactions, monitor the pipeline, all while closely monitoring industry trends.

It is our opinion that media operations executives including, but not limited to, COOs and heads of sales operations, will play a critical role in the long-term health of ad sales organizations if they can effectively oversee ongoing transformation efforts and take a holistic approach to achieving operational excellence spanning four key areas: data, people, process, and platforms (i.e., technology). This approach, which can be used to solve both small-scale and large-scale challenges, is a framework V2 has leveraged working with many enterprise media clients, and one that V2 has appropriately coined as “D(3P).” Combining a business transformation framework spanning people, process, platforms, and data, with a commitment to leveraging a best-in-class CRM system such as Salesforce, can be a recipe for long-term success.

This eBook shares our firm’s observations and lessons learned having worked for 15+ years with a large number of small, mid-sized, and predominantly global media organizations. In addition, we share insights around where forward-thinking media operations executives should be investing precious time and energy spanning people, process, platforms, and data. If you are eager to learn how to craft a winning strategy for your ad sales organization with Salesforce as a central platform, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s Inside?

After having booked tens of thousands of hours advising media clients, we’ve formed a working hypothesis around how best to streamline a media advertising sales organization through technology.

V2’s D(3P) Method

Get an inside look at V2’s proprietary D(3P) framework leveraged to holistically solve both small-scale and large-scale business and technology challenges in media—including how to streamline the prospect-to-cash flow in order to reduce the time from IO signature to revenue recognition. V2 has partnered with countless media organizations helping them achieve operational excellence by approaching business and technology transformation projects through the lens of data, people, process, and platforms.


Key Plays to Win the Game

We are sharing eight key plays to run a more effective ad sales organization leveraging our D(3P) framework enabling you to navigate any uncertainties ahead. Read more about plays to win the game when it comes to advertiser and agency relationship management, pipeline and order management, data governance, analytics, and more.

Today’s Key Trends

Facing such exponential rates of change, there is tremendous opportunity for ad sales organizations to further innovate operationally. Beyond being positioned to pivot in response to market changes, ad sales organizations, more importantly, must be able to adequately interpret trends to pivot at the right time, so as not to get left in the dust. In this eBook, our experts distill five current industry trends which should help you get a head start.


A Media CXO’s Guide

With 15+ years of experience, V2’s experts give you their media specific guide to optimizing Salesforce as a part of ad sales prospect-to-cash flow. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned media executive who has lived through the heyday of print media advertising or you’re a relative newcomer whose focus has been primarily on digital, there is advice in here for you.

About V2

V2 is a boutique management and technology consultancy with global offices across New York City, Portsmouth, NH, Delray Beach, FL, and Santiago, DR. The firm has successfully led hundreds of Salesforce implementations and optimizations over its 15+ years as a Salesforce partner. V2 is an established thought-leader at the cross section of Salesforce for Media & Entertainment and has partnered with well-known global brands and high growth organizations on technology transformation initiatives spanning a range of industry segments.