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The Challenge

A leading-edge out-of-home advertising company was struggling to derive measurable ROI on its Salesforce investment. After initially purchasing Salesforce, the company had previously decided to self-implement but had achieved lackluster results in terms of the overall design and data capabilities. Large data sets had been migrated without sufficient cleansing, leading to a poor user experience and low user sentiment. Further, reporting was severely limited but acknowledged to be critical in order to analyze key market and vertical performance.


The Results

V2 leveraged its D(3P)™ management consulting framework to lead workshops and rapidly assess business and technology challenges. V2 then quickly aggregated feedback and utilized advanced methods to analyze field and data usage, leading to a well-defined set of needed optimizations. V2 developed a rapid prototype and executed conference room pilot sessions to drive feedback, additional requests, and improve the user experience.


Design optimizations aside, a couple other areas of focus turned out to provide even greater value for the organization, including significantly cleansed Account data and an MVP deployment of Einstein Analytics. V2 utilized advanced data cleansing methods to operate on more than 50,000 Account records. Key data activities included restructuring key advertiser and agency Account records into their respective hierarchies, leveraging media best practices to support both 3-tier and 4-tier hierarchies, tagging Accounts for deduplication, cleansing key Account fields, improving Account record completion, and creating and implementing a Salesforce design to properly tag and categorize Advertisers by vertical.

On the Einstein Analytics front, V2 designed advanced analytics to model Account, Opportunity, and Meeting data, a design which helped provide transparency to the CRO in need of more actionable data to coach sales team members. Finally, on a more technical front, V2 assisted with code refactoring efforts to ensure that legacy code bases had sufficient coverage and eliminated issues with future Apex and Lightning Web Component solutions deployments.

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