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Job + Personal Life + Career = JPC


Did you ever wonder whether it’s possible to find a company which invests heavily in its people, leaves behind the frustration of corporate politics, and demonstrates the agility and growth opportunities of a well-funded startup? Welcome to V2! We strive for just that at V2, every day. We are small(er) by choice and proud that we go head-to-head with much larger consultancies when it comes to talent acquisition, employee benefits and experience, retention and growth, and winning new and exciting clients. At V2, you don’t have to choose–you can find that unique blend you’ve been looking for.


We at V2 are an interesting bunch–techies, artists, thought leaders, intellectuals, gamers, and media, entertainment & sports fanatics are just a few descriptors we’ve heard before. We truly believe our differing life experiences and obsession to build an energizing, world-class consulting organization have cultivated an environment of diversity. We operate with an agreed-upon set of foundational core values, operating procedures, and systems–but rigor does not equate with a lack of flexibility or absence of innovation. We are a group of producers who demonstrate growth mindsets and know that consistent excellence, hard work, and innovation will be acknowledged and rewarded, regardless of tenure.

Joining V2 means that you will be empowered to grow at your own pace, explore new roles within the company, and take on new responsibilities which are equally challenging, a bit scary at times and invigorating. If you’ve been longing to surround yourself with a group of highly intelligent, passionate, growth-mindset colleagues who are all a bit geeky at heart (and proud of it), then let’s connect.


While V2’s JPC program may on the surface sound like talent marketing, we encourage you to connect with and ask our team members directly whether V2 “walks the walk”. We believe you will get a resounding “Yes!.” We’ve integrated a growth-oriented mindset into the fabric and DNA of our company where your responsibilities and growth spanning your Job, Personal Life and Career are acknowledged and accepted as intersecting and equally as important. Leadership is constantly debating the question, “How will this decision impact JPC for all of our colleagues?” It’s not preachy, we aren’t on our soapbox, we just believe that fostering and achieving a culture of growth begins with the recognition that we are first and foremost human beings, partners, friends, colleagues, and other dimensions who strive to achieve success across all areas of our lives.

Join a team of down-to-earth, highly intelligent, passionate and hardworking individuals who are collectively dedicated to “JPC” balance.

Meet Some of Our Team

Gyoo Choi


 Portsmouth, NH

Q&A with Gyoo

  • The coolest part of my job is helping people grow personally and professionally.
  • I’m inspired by teammates striving to be better versions of themselves.
  • The best book I’ve ever read is The Giver, it conveys how important and precious memories are to our lives.
  • If I could be any fictional character I’d be Batman, helping people during the day and night.
  • I’d define V2's culture as Ohana, very warm and family like

Brenda Taveras

Senior Developer

 Santiago, DR

Q&A with Brenda

  • My superpower would be teleportation, to get to travel everywhere and visit my friends who live far away
  • The coolest part of my job is getting to work with such smart and talented individuals
  • The best book I've ever read is The Power of Habit, it was so interesting to learn how almost everything we do on a daily basis is determined by a habit and how we can make them work in our favor
  • I'd define V2's culture as encouraging, everyone is always helping whomever they can and encouraging others to grow.
  • The TV show that best represents V2's culture is Brooklyn 99, there are a lot of fun people, but also the best at their work

Marleny Lopez

Senior Business Analyst

 Santiago, DR

Q&A with Marleny

  • The coolest part of my job is that I'm constantly learning from really smart, cool people.
  • I'm inspired by every woman pursuing and succeeding in a Tech career.
  • If I could be any fictional character, I'd be Jessica Pearson from Suits.
  • I'd define V2's culture as constant growing excellence
  • The TV show that best represents V2's culture is CSI, teamwork to solve daily challenges

Stephanie Gerst

Director, Solution Engineer

 New York, NY

Q&A with Stephanie

  • The coolest part of my job is crafting narratives to help others understand how to optimize their business through the Salesforce platform.
  • If I could be any fictional character, I'd be Doctor Who
  • I'd define V2's culture as Invigorating! There's always a fascinating challenge to overcome and lots of learning opportunities in the day-to-day. I feel I've been paid to get an MBA.
  • My guilty pleasure movie/music is feel no guilt about my media consumption... only that it's excessive. Now that the geeks have inherited the earth, there's no shame in watching all the sci-fi I want.
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