We’d never want to be characterized as “all talk, no action” consultants. V2 prides itself on having authentic and transparent conversations with prospective clients from day one. We listen well, scope with integrity and provide easy to understand statements of work with clear and measurable deliverables.

Can V2 go end-to-end like the global SIs? Absolutely. In fact, our D(3P) Assessment offering has proven to be a remarkably rapid and effective method for our enterprise clients to first answer the questions, “What are our most pressing issues right now and where should we spend our precious time, money and energy?” Let’s call that non-fluffy strategy work. Beyond D(3P) we’ve crafted and refined high-value, tangible service offerings which tackle the most pressing challenges faced by clients within our industry specializations. Now we’re getting more tactical. And by the way, end-to-end doesn’t have to feel long and expensive. Digestible chunks. Rapid time to value. That’s our style.