V2 D(3P) Assessment

V2’s D(3P) framework recognizes the highly interconnected nature of:

Data Quality
Process Improvement
People Productivity
Platform Integrations

After 12+ years of Cloud consulting for highly regarded brands, we believe that transformational change, whether large-scale or modest, inevitably requires analysis and action in each of these critical areas. Long gone are the days of drawn-out consulting assessments. Let’s talk weeks. V2’s proven D(3P) assessments have laid the foundation for global organizations to begin implementing high-impact change. And unlike the other all-measure, no-action consulting theorists (you know who they are), V2 will be there to collaboratively execute on a tactical plan. Our D(3P) Assessment program is typically conducted over a six to ten week period and includes:

• Executive Alignment Sessions

• Multi-Region / Multi-Role End-User Assessment Workshops

• Current IT Systems Architecture Reviews

• Salesforce Systems Design Deep Dives

• Findings Summary Review & Recommendations

• Actionable SOW Build