V2 M&A CRM Consolidation

The world of business continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Innovate or die. Demonstrate consistent top-line revenue growth. Cut costs. No wonder M&A in sectors like communications, media and technology remains prevalent. Company integrations are complex from a cultural and technology perspective. Due diligence is imperfect and systems strategy is not always top of mind with the finance quants. That’s where we come in.

V2 helps independent companies and private equity investors plan and execute the successful merging of companies and Cloud systems. The challenge: Multiple instances hold overlapping data, varying quote-to-cash workflows and multiple integrations with disparate back-end platforms. Yes, it can get a bit messy, and it always needs to be completed “yesterday”. Been there, done it. With V2 by your side, you can accelerate critical M&A activities such as efficient on-boarding or merging of teams, alignment of processes / workflows and the integration of key systems. We’ll help you hit those aggressive timelines by becoming a highly valuable extension of your integration team. Let the consolidation begin.