V2 Rescue / Optimize Program

Failed CRM deployments are rarely created or solved by drag and drop. Root cause analysis often points back to cultural challenges, poor architectural decisions, dirty and duplicative data, insufficient resource allocation among other factors. To make an analogy, sometimes building foundations are poured improperly, electrical is completed with dangerous shortcuts or plumbing is poorly designed. Your CRM deployment is a building. Mistakes are made. Shortcuts are common. Weeds begin to grow. Regardless of origin, design inefficiencies are frustrating. Executives are likely asking tough questions and elevated expectations around building a better system are not aligned with reality. It’s stressful.

V2 specializes in optimizing large-scale, complex Salesforce instances. We are the surgeon you want in the room and we are not shy about our unique specialization to breathe life back into your critical Salesforce deployment. We have evolved superior methods to ensure little to no business disruption for your hundreds or thousands of users even when complexities such as data migrations, integrations, code refactoring, UI enhancements and global training are involved. We can walk the walk and have done so with global organizations.