V2 Salesforce Wall-to-Wall

Salesforce’s story is unique. Who would have thought in 1999, that a Cloud-based SFA solution provider would evolve to encompass marketing and service (that’s CRM), help launch social collaboration within a business application environment (Chatter), expand to non-CRM Clouds such as eCommerce (Demandware) and pioneer an incredibly flexible and stable application development environments ( & Heroku). If you build it, they will come. They have come, and they see the light. Companies are sunsetting legacy applications, replacing depreciated on-premise software and asking themselves, “Why can’t we do that on Salesforce too?” It’s called wall-to-wall and it’s a reality.

V2 takes our clients well beyond SFA. We leverage the Salesforce platform to touch many individuals in your organization spanning sales, account management, sales operations, marketing, service, contracts/deal management, billing – you get the picture. We build outside the box, a lot. We humbly admit that it has taken years of refinement to find a recipe for success which includes a combination of highly refined business analysis and process improvement capabilities, world-class project management methodologies and a deep understanding of the nuances involved in building effective Cloud applications. We’ve made many clients happy (and even giddy) when we deploy long-awaited custom applications which provide tremendous value to end users. Let’s engage and see if wall-to-wall will work for you.