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Consolidation of Multiple Salesforce Instances for Global Digital Publisher


The Story

Through a series of M&A activities, a global digital media company had amassed six Salesforce instances. V2 was engaged to provide the global head of operations and sales leadership an objective, unbiased assessment around whether one of the client’s two major instances should remain or whether a new Salesforce instance should be deployed as the foundation to reenergize the global end user base. Through a series of workshops spanning myriad teams and roles, it became evident that end user sentiment and adoption around Salesforce were low and significant process improvement and change management activities would be necessary to reenergize the global sales, account management and other teams critical to pre- and post-sales revenue generating activities. In addition, deep dive assessments of the various Salesforce instances exposed significant technical debt in the form of legacy code bases and integrations and confirmed a high volume of dirty and duplicative data. Competing technical teams each believed their own solution should be the ‘chosen’ Salesforce instance for a large-scale merge of instances, whereas non-technical teams expressed interest in designing and building a new, ‘fresh’ instance of Salesforce.

The Results

V2 completed an up front 10-week D(3P) management consulting program, rapidly gathering end user feedback, technically assessing the two major Salesforce instances and presenting recommendations to executives. A joint V2 and client team leveraged data gained through the D(3P) findings summary to immediately begin a large-scale Salesforce reboot program aiming to design and deploy a net new global Salesforce instance to support 1800 users spanning 50+ discrete teams in North America. Results included more efficient Opportunity pipeline management, meaningful meetings capture, and pre- and post-sales collaboration via Cases. In addition, the combined team cleansed and migrated large data sets resulting in cleaner Account hierarchies and more effective seller assignment management. Integrations between Salesforce, OMS and digital delivery systems were overhauled and a custom solution to manage the programmatic business was developed. Sales leadership was provided dramatically enhanced analytics focused on a range of key metrics including seller activity, pipeline and forecast management. V2 continued to provide post go-live support and ongoing optimizations and the program concluded with a successful handoff to an international team who continued the global rollout across other regions.