V2 Evolve

Building and properly maintaining Salesforce is a journey. Regardless of how well you’ve deployed one or many Clouds, adoption is always a challenge. Data inevitably gets dirty over time. Processes evolve and your initial design doesn’t have that same effectiveness anymore. New IT systems are introduced into your Cloud architecture and need to be integrated. And while project-based work is oftentimes needed, V2 recognizes that an ongoing, retainer-based partnership can quite often be the key to your long-term success.

Our Evolve program is far from a “me too” support service offering – it’s a strategic partnership based on our D(3P) management consulting framework. We provide you on-demand access not just to an individual, but rather to a cross-functional team of principal or senior consultants, business analysts and developers whose expertise span design, configuration, data, integration, coding, process improvement, training & adoption, change management and other skills.

We augment your existing team so you don’t need to hire an army of specialists yourself. We’ll map out a plan, deliver in sprints, adjust as needed and show measurable results. Work can be organized as mini-projects or as on-demand work requests – flexibility is key. Contact us and we’ll convince you that retainer-based services don’t need to feel so unstrategic and that long-term Salesforce success is within your grasp.