V2 Game Day 360° CRM

Powered By Salesforce

 V2 GAME DAY 360° CRM powers sports organizations with capabilities to seamlessly manage relationships spanning sponsors, guests, players, and community all from the Salesforce platform. Now, sports organizations can leverage the power of core Salesforce Clouds and Analytics to manage corporate sales, premium sales, community relations, stadium operations, appearance management, guest services, and merchandising with agility. Leveraging automation, analytics, and a 360-degree view of your organization, you can increase productivity, revenue, and the client experience all from the fast, secure, mobile-ready, Salesforce cloud-based platform.


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Finally, an end-to-end Sports solution powered by the Salesforce platform.

The world of sports is incredibly complex. Now more than ever, it is critical to seamlessly track all relationships in one place. With V2 GAME DAY 360° CRM, you can easily manage all of your B2B and B2C relationships, and all the related data spanning marketing, sales, service, and even e-Commerce.

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Corporate Sponsorship Sales

Manage opportunities and inventory for corporate ad sales and sponsorships, providing enhanced pipeline monitoring for sellers, sales managers, and executives. Includes simple navigation functionality and easy-capture for multi-year sponsorship deals.

Corporate Services

Seamlessly deliver elements and spots, and oversee Corporate projects through annual cycles.

Community Relations

Track donation inventory and donation requests across all departments leading to more efficient request fulfillment. Organize and monitor community events to track metrics and trends related to donations and appearances.

Appearance Management

Track player, mascot, and cheerleader appearances within one system and across various departments.


Manage summary-level eCommerce transactional data, establishing a framework for future loyalty programs.


Monitor all Marketing Campaigns including guest email campaigns and community events.

Premium Sales

Gain insights into a single source of truth for securely stored premium/suite guest and season ticket holder information. Reduce the duration of the sales cycle via a 360-degree view of season ticket holders, allowing sellers to create a more personalized selling experience.

Premium Services

Oversee premium guest benefits and check in on guests on game day to ensure their experience is perfect.

Stadium Operations

Run game day operations from a custom Command Center in Salesforce, centralizing communication and direction between facilities, police, security, and medical staff.

Guest Services

Track guest interactions, specifically in terms of servicing guest suites, in order to provide an improved customer experience for premium guests.

Ticketing Operations

Collaborate with Guest Services seamlessly around all things related to tickets.


Connect data from multiple sources to create interactive dashboard views and inform key business decisions based on predictive dashboards.


“The solution itself leveraged standard objects, custom objects and even some code-based extensions for more complex feature sets not native on the Salesforce platform at the time. Key features included a 360 degree view of season ticket holders, advanced revenue modeling for sponsorship sales, post-sales activations workflows, stadium operations incident tracking, and premium sales and service management.”

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Need a Custom Solution for a Franchise or League? Contact a Sales Rep Today!

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