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V2 strives to solve a pervasive industry issue: the need to hire multiple consultancies or agencies spanning strategy, process improvement, change management, technology services, and program management. We offer a unique blend of integrated consulting competencies under one roof. Rather than staffing up an army of consultants, we take a special forces approach, deploying small teams of highly capable professionals to become an extension of your team. We go well beyond analysis and findings summaries. Execution is part of our DNA.

We, admittedly, approach business problem solving with a highly technical slant while never forgetting the consulting fundamentals of process improvement and change management. World-class program management is at the heart of everything we do. Data and analytics is a passion. We deliver what you deserve: a high-value, low-risk, and personalized boutique experience. Unlike the GSIs and many larger consultancies or agencies, V2 consistently sees every client as a top priority. 

V2 is well-equipped to help you plan and execute the transformation necessary to remain competitive in your rapidly evolving segment. And although the breadth of our client list speaks for itself, we encourage you to speak with us and see for yourself how V2 is truly focused, proven, and refreshing when it comes to consulting in media & entertainment.



Data & Analytics


Now more than ever, attaining a sustained competitive advantage for media, entertainment & sports organizations of all sizes and across various segments is heavily dependent upon insightful analysis of data. If you want your business to thrive, you need to find a way of capturing, visualizing, analyzing, and acting on your company’s data – quickly, effectively and without adversely impacting the end-user experience. It’s the new reality.

Easier said than done, right? That’s where we come in. We obsess about making sure your processes, systems, and policies are aligned to capture relevant data. We place heavy emphasis on user interface design, and experience to drive high user adoption. We share insights specific to media, entertainment, and sports around how data should be structured and shared across various systems such as marketing, CRM, OMS, delivery, billing, data warehouses and others. Reports and dashboards are built on best-in-class Cloud business analytics platforms such as Salesforce Einstein, Tableau, or Datorama to help visualize and interpret data sets.

What’s the endpoint? Enabling our clients to analyze their businesses like never before. Interestingly, it’s just the beginning. A new sense of transparency emerges. Accountability is justified and enabled. Better decisions are made based on fact, not just on a good gut read.


Management Consulting

Let’s face it, every media, entertainment & sports organization has process challenges. Regardless of department, whether sales, account management, sales or ad ops, support, finance, FP&A – old habits are tough to break. We humans don’t always embrace change with a smile. The evolution of Cloud solutions, however, has allowed companies to rapidly embed unique processes and data flows into system architectures like never before. Faster process improvement is within reach but must be accompanied by intelligent systems design and proper change management. 

Layering new software solutions on top of broken legacy processes just isn’t our style. We facilitate visually-based, highly-effective, and often long-overdue discussions between executives, managers, and individual contributors in a way you have never experienced prior. We challenge the premise of ‘It’s the way we’ve done it for many years’, guiding your team to more streamlined approaches. We seamlessly transition between going down in the weeds for critical details and stepping back to see the bigger picture. The result? Better processes. Higher productivity. Increased revenue.

We’d like to say, “We’ve seen it all,” but we haven’t. Each client is indeed different. While we encourage our clients to take the lead, our team is alongside you, helping to drive tough but long overdue conversations around changing habits and creating new rituals. We relate experiences and craft strategies to best fit your organization’s unique culture. We strive to align executives who may bring different perspectives to the conversation. It’s about shepherding your people through the necessary change in a comforting manner.



Some people say that if you have never sold, you cannot possibly understand. We speak your language (did you say forecasts, sandbagging, qualification, weighted pipelines, splits?). We understand that your ‘gut’ matters and we acknowledge that salespeople are a unique set of individuals with varying experience, tactics, and philosophies.

Sales organizations and operations are undergoing rapid transformation. Changing competitive environments, challenging economies and Cloud-based technologies are turning upside down how we sell, who we sell to, what tools we leverage, and the speed at which we drive sales cycles. It’s exciting to some and confusing or even terrifying to others.

Over our 15+ year tenure as a top boutique consultancy, we’ve designed and implemented CRM solutions for tens of thousands of end-users, managers, and executives spanning pre- and post-sales teams across segments media, entertainment & sports organizations. While we will always first ‘seek to understand’, we can and will be prescriptive business consultants, leveraging our deep industry experience and understanding of what has and has not worked well for other organizations similar to yours. We’ll bring fresh ideas around training and adoption which may include multi-modality training – short video clips, virtual office hours, trainings segmented by roles or user sophistication, and tactics for managers who want to drive adoption through example. CRM can indeed be a path to faster onboarding, higher productivity, reduced knowledge flight, and improved sales and customer retention metrics for your organization in media, entertainment & sports. 

 V2’s unique focus on media, entertainment & sports combined with our deep Salesforce subject matter expertise, means that we hold the bar high for ourselves when it comes to creating content and sharing thought leadership. Our frequent conversations with media executives, allow us to further refine our point of view. Check out some of our recent content including eBooks, Case Studies, Articles, and Recent News.  



What does a multi-channel marketing operations strategy look like in this day and age for media, entertainment & sports organizations? Marketers face a daunting challenge of how to best establish, maintain, and enhance their brands and craft customer journeys that create and maintain customer loyalty. Many organizations face the complexity of B2B2C business models and while audience data is scattered and far from perfect. Large amounts of data flow freely and frequently for prospects, existing clients, and partners to leverage during the research, evaluation, and buying phases. The cycle to bring new products and services to market has been condensed. Strong pipelines are necessary for survival. The need for agile marketing operations has never been greater.

We at V2 recognize that traditional CRM solutions can only take you so far in the execution of multi-channel marketing. We believe in the power of best-of-breed marketing solutions such as Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Datorama​, and others. When done properly, integrating your marketing solution with CRM will take more than a few clicks, and conversations between departments will need to be authentic and collaborative. Decisions around lead scoring and assignment rules, segmentation criteria, campaign structures, data modeling, the timing of conversions, and other key factors will be critical. Ensuring healthy collaboration between marketing and sales will be equally as important. Data cleansing is likely necessary.

V2 is well-prepared to guide your own journey. We can help lead effective sessions both within your marketing department and across teams, leading to improved understanding and communication between marketing, sales, product, and other departments. We will help define the concept of “Leads” vs. “Qualified Opportunities” based on your unique vernacular and drive conversations around roles and responsibilities which are often long overdue. From a technology perspective, we are world-class architects and have a proven track record of design and integrated a multitude of systems, helping our clients finally breathe a sigh of relief that marketing and sales solutions can indeed be effectively integrated. Everyone can be happy, believe us. V2 will get you over the hump and on your way to effective, high ROI multi-channel marketing. We’ll make you a marketing hero.



We understand well that in the world of media, entertainment & sports, the concept of quote-to-cash is not simple by any means. Varying revenue models and complex order capture, delivery, and billing models such as digital CPMs, subscriptions, and cross media-type bundles can make the operational side of media, entertainment & sports time consuming and less automated than other parts of the business.

Moreover, performance-related data critical to running the daily operations and making timely decisions, are commonly scattered and in need of manual reconciliation before being available and ready for management and executive teams to view. This lag is a source of frustration and energy suck for individuals and teams who continually reflect, “There has to be a better and more efficient way to aggregate, visualize, analyze and share delivery and financially-oriented data!” 

V2 has been part of these conversations for years, working with sales, ad ops, billing, FP&A, finance, and other teams who need to collaboratively “get to a better place”. We bring teams together, help you begin speaking the same language (e.g. “How do you define ‘revenue’ in your organization?”), and start the process of making this complex flow more efficient. We look at data, people, roles, processes, and especially systems to devise and implement a holistic solution to your challenge. The systems we analyze and better integrate may include CPQ, OMS, billing, GAM, programmatic platforms, homegrown middle office solutions, ERPs, production solutions, subscriber management, ticketing, and others. You won’t find many who can tackle this topic, but V2 is a rare firm who gets it. No more need for you to educate your external consultants on the basics or even the advanced – we’ll hit the ground running and move the ball down the field at a reasonable pace.  



Architecture & Integration

Integration isn’t just for techies anymore. Well-informed information technology and line of business leaders spanning all sectors of media, entertainment & sports are realizing that intelligent Cloud infrastructure and integration strategies play a critical role to improve key business metrics. Better capture and flow of data can help drive top-line revenue growth and improve operational efficiencies. Yes, integrations can make an impact on the bottom line.

Systems architectures in media, entertainment & sports are not uncomplex. It’s not uncommon for data to be flowing across one or more marketing automation, CRM, order management, digital delivery, programmatic, print production, billing, warehouse, analytics, and other solutions. Unique account identification for consolidated reporting is typically problematic and a source of frustration. 

With 15+ years of consulting for global and high-growth media, entertainment & sports organizations, V2 has a proven ability to both get down in the weeds and hover strategically to analyze and optimize your architecture. We can share how the Salesforce platform and other industry-specific platforms can be best integrated for efficient data flow, improved reporting, and maximum scalability.  We take a methodical, but agile approach to mapping out key processes and data flows, recommending improvements, designing improved architectures, and building integrations. Our teams collaborate heavily, combining your deep knowledge of existing systems and data with our subject matter expertise around industry best practices, testing methodologies, and Cloud APIs. Say goodbye to double-keying and hello to happier, more productive users.


Employee Engagement

Many gifted leaders have said the same thing over the years in one form or another: That one of the most difficult tasks in building a great company is to find and retain top-notch talent. We don’t disagree. Human Resources has become increasingly complex as executives and managers need to focus on a range of human capital-related processes including effective recruiting, onboarding, learning & development, diversity & inclusion, compensation and outplacement. Top that off with the need to manage vastly different generational expectations and to build a sustainable corporate culture and your HR/ Talent team has plenty on their plates.

Technology platforms to support the needs of talent organizations continue to be highly fragmented. Talent acquisition solutions vary from traditional HR functions which are separate from talent development. While some large players try to do it all, their solutions tend to be inflexible and lack the innovation which smaller niche players are bringing to the marketplace. Data is siloed, double-keying is common and employees are not getting the tools they deserve.  

We may not be as large as many of our clients, but we have much to share when it comes to agile talent operations. Our perspectives emerge from taking the best of what we experienced working at large corporations and startups and blending in some of the more innovative approaches we have developed internally. When it comes to technology, we bring a point of view around what solutions may help your various talent-related teams and can discuss how Salesforce’s world-class platform can help with your engagement efforts. There’s no one recipe for success, however, there are common ingredients we’d like to share. The bar has been set high when it comes to employee engagement in media, entertainment & sports – we’ll help you take that leap. 

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