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We deliver a unique blend of deep industry expertise and Salesforce platform knowledge, leading to more productive users, empowered executives, and a higher ROI on your technology investment.

Management consultants? Technology consultants? Media thought leaders? Strategists? Data and analytics geeks? Integrated marketing, sales, and service specialists? Software-as-a-service (SaaS) evangelists? Yes. Providing speed and direction (velocity in physics) to our clients’ operations is our passion. Building world-class, scalable architectures spanning marketing automation, CRM, order management, analytics, and other solutions is the more scientific part of our job. It all begins to make sense. Clients get energized (that’s the voltage).

Why We’re Different

V2 is the antithesis of the all-measure, no-action consulting theorists. We get excited about being held accountable to roll up our sleeves and implement solutions. We bring to the table years of experience as individual contributors, managers, and leaders in startup, SMB and global organizations.

How We Work

We believe that we’re not like the others. Long, ineffective calls drive us crazy. Imagine replacing exhaustive slide decks with whiteboarding and unnecessary meetings with execution. We learn the nuances of your business by listening more than talking. Spending energy on strategic planning is balanced with executing tactical activities. We build trust through transparency in everything we do. V2 is changing the rules of engagement.

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After having booked tens of thousands of hours advising media clients, we’ve formed a working hypothesis around how best to streamline a media advertising sales organization through technology.

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V2 Transform

Large-scale transformation is our specialty. We designed our Transform program to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of simultaneous business and technology transformation. Leveraging a proven methodology with many global and enterprise-level clients, V2 will assess, design, and reboot your Salesforce instance while ensuring little to no business disruption for your hundreds or thousands of users even when complexities across architecture, data migration, integration, coding, and code refactoring, user experience, global training, and adoption exist.

Featured Solution

V2 Game Day 360 CRM

V2 GAME DAY 360° CRM powers sports organizations with capabilities to seamlessly manage relationships spanning sponsors, guests, players, and community all from the Salesforce platform. Now, sports organizations can leverage the power of core Salesforce Clouds and Analytics to manage corporate sales, premium sales, community relations, stadium operations, appearance management, guest services, and merchandising with agility. Leveraging automation, analytics, and a 360-degree view of your organization, you can increase productivity, revenue, and the client experience all from the fast, secure, mobile-ready, Salesforce cloud-based platform.

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