“I imagine our issues are not unique… How are other top-performing organizations in my industry segment addressing the challenges my company is facing?”

We often get asked this question by our clients. Our job is to know the answer based on direct consulting experience and by following key trends in the industry segments we support.

Despite having provided management and technology consulting services to clients across 20+ industry segments, we’re not trying to be everything to everyone. We believe consultancies who take “a mile wide and an inch deep” approach do not solve the most challenging hurdles you face. We walk in the door seeking to understand your uniqueness and determine how V2 can enhance your competitive advantage.

We pride ourselves on being an “intellectually curious bunch”. Our team members live and breathe the industries we support. Behind the scenes, we are constantly debating industry-specific process flows, trends, pain points and solutions. We come to the conversation ready to coach you, relate anecdotal stories, and even share third-party sources which provide you relevant insight.