What We Do

A Rare Blend of Consulting Competencies

V2 strives to solve a pervasive industry issue: companies needing to hire multiple consultancies or agencies to support implementations, transformation advisory and managed services. We offer a unique blend of integrated consulting competencies under one roof. Rather than staffing up an army of consultants, we take a special forces approach, deploying small teams of highly capable professionals to become an extension of your team. We go well beyond analysis and findings summaries. Execution is part of our DNA.

We, admittedly, approach business problem solving with a highly technical slant while never forgetting the consulting fundamentals of process improvement and change management. World-class program management is at the heart of everything we do. Data and analytics is our passion. We deliver what you deserve: a high-value, low-risk, and personalized boutique experience. Unlike the GSIs and many larger consultancies or agencies, V2 consistently sees every client as a top priority.

V2 is well-equipped to help you plan and execute the transformation necessary to remain competitive in your rapidly evolving industry. And although the breadth of our client list speaks for itself, we encourage you to speak with us and see for yourself how V2 is truly focused, proven, and refreshing when it comes to consulting in the Salesforce ecosystem.

John Donnelly,
Chief Revenue Officer, Inc., & Fast Company


“V2 is the single best systems integrator I have ever encountered, and the work you have done on behalf of Inc. and Fast Company is game-changing.”

Inc Fast Company