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Communication is at the heart of connecting people. This is why at V2, we’re passionate about driving business and digital transformation in this sector. We’ve seen an industry that historically focused on “the piping”, diversify across phone, internet, and wireless. Looking to the future, cord cutting, OTT, content rights, wireless, and fiber expansion, among other strategic topics, will continue to drive disruption and change. Balancing out B2B and B2C growth will be critical and subscriptions will be a predominant revenue stream.

With 17+ years of management and technology consulting experience, V2 has worked with a range of customers spanning various segments of Communications. It’s far from a “one size fits all approach” when it comes to process improvement, change management, and technology optimization. Legacy systems are pervasive and difficult to deprecate. Analytics is complex as organizations struggle to join data from various platforms and surface insights, oftentimes relying on a bevy of magic spreadsheets to generate weekly or monthly reports.

V2 can help your Communications organization drive change, through an iterative crawl, walk, run approach.

Industry Challenges &

Salesforce Solutions for Communications

There are many different and significant challenges facing communication companies right now (these are the types of conversations that we have with our clients on a daily basis), but how to solve these problems is a complex question to ask, and different for almost every client. Based on feedback we hear from our Communications clients, these are some of the biggest challenges that customers in Communications are dealing with right now and some potential plays that could be helpful for how to think about getting started with a solution that might fit.

Fragmented customer data: Communication companies often have customer data spread across multiple systems and channels, which can make it difficult to get a complete view of the customer. Salesforce’s Customer 360 Platform can help unify customer data from various sources, including social media, email, and mobile, giving communication companies a comprehensive view of their customers.

Personalization at scale: Customers expect personalized experiences across all channels, but communication companies may struggle to deliver this at scale. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help by enabling companies to create personalized messages and experiences for each customer based on their behavior, preferences, and history with the company.

Poor customer engagement: With so much competition for attention, communication companies may struggle to keep customers engaged with their products and services. Salesforce Experience Cloud can help by enabling companies to create truly personalized customer portals where common issues can be resolved, or customer service questions can be submitted, helping to build stronger relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

Slow response times: Communication companies often receive high volumes of inquiries and requests, which can lead to slow response times and frustrated customers. Salesforce Service Cloud can help by automating routine inquiries and providing agents with the information they need to resolve issues quickly, leading to faster response times and improved customer satisfaction.

Difficulty tracking metrics: Communication companies need to track various metrics, including customer engagement, campaign performance, and customer satisfaction. Salesforce Einstein Analytics can help by providing real-time insights and predictive analytics, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall performance.

There is no ‘one way’ to solve any problem, but if you are already a Salesforce customer, there is likely a Salesforce product, or suite of products, that can help you overcome some of these challenges and help streamline internal processes.  By leveraging these products, communication companies can deliver more personalized, efficient, and effective communication strategies that can drive customer engagement and customer loyalty.

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The Communications industry is facing many complex challenges right now, but with the right Salesforce implementation partner – a team of experts who have deep hands-on expertise in your industry – we can help advise you to ensure that you end up with the best fit Salesforce organization you really need.

Salesforce offers many solutions to help Communications companies automate their manual processes, personalize their customer interactions, and gain insights into their audience. By embracing digital transformation and leveraging technology solutions, communication companies can overcome these challenges and thrive in the digital age.

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V2 Strategic Advisors specializes in delivering exceptional Salesforce services tailored specifically for the Communications Industry. With our in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within this sector, we offer expert guidance and solutions to help our clients drive growth, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences through the power of Salesforce.

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