Transformation Advisory

A Seamless Transition from

Strategy to Execution

Large-scale, cross-functional transformation is our specialty. We help organizations navigate the complex landscape of simultaneous business and technology change with proven frameworks that support long-term execution and growth.

The V2 Method

Transformation Advisory

V2 Strategic Advisors leverages our consulting framework to holistically assess your business from a Data, People, Process, and Platforms perspective, ensuring that your challenges have been analyzed from all angles and that technology is not the only dimension considered. With V2, you can gather, analyze, and share data, build trust, and brainstorm solutions with peace of mind, knowing you can seamlessly transition from a consulting engagement into a hands-on, technology-focused program without needing to switch partners. This one-stop-shop approach sets V2 apart from many other systems integrators in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our Blueprinting &

Roadmapping Services

If you are looking for a more agile step into technology transformation, our roadmapping and blueprinting services help you gain clarity and direction in your digital transformation journey without a full-scale transformation program. You will be able to move forward confidently with a clear understanding of the path ahead.


Our blueprinting process involves an in-depth analysis of your current technology infrastructure and a comprehensive assessment of your business requirements. We’ll work with you to define your technology vision, identify key success factors, and create a detailed roadmap for your digital transformation.


Our roadmapping services provide you with a clear, concise plan that outlines the steps you need to take to achieve your technology goals. We’ll collaborate with you to identify key milestones, risks, and potential roadblocks so you can make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

Management Consulting

Our D(3P) Services

If you are looking for a partner to manage an entire digital transformation initiative, our management consulting services and D(3P) framework which analyzes Data, People, Processes, and Platforms holistically sets you up for long-term success. With V2, you can gather, analyze, and share data, build trust, and brainstorm solutions with peace of mind knowing you have the option to transition from strategic services to a hands-on, technology-focused program without the need to switch partners.

When To Consider

A Transformation Advisory Program

There are a wide range of challenges our clients face that benefit from transformation advisory services. Some common examples include:

      • A planned revamp of the end-to-end prospect-to-cash process or other significant parts of the business
      • A sudden or lingering business challenge that the executive team needs to be solved through a combination of process improvement, change management, and technology optimization
      • An upcoming reorganization that will impact several roles and responsibilities across the company
      • A significant technology decision or shift in technology strategy on the horizon, such as the deprecation of an old system, integration of a new quote-to-cash system, or implementation of a new BI tool
      • A significant shift in the organization as a whole, such as the acquisition of a new company that also runs on Salesforce and where the merging of multiple Salesforce instances is imminent

Proven Partners. Trusted Advisors. Beyond Consulting

V2 Strategic Advisors is a leading Salesforce consulting firm that provides expert transformation and advisory services to businesses of all sizes. With our deep expertise in strategic planning, change management, and Salesforce best practices, we help our clients navigate the complexities of Salesforce transformation and achieve their long-term business goals.

Our Transformation Advisory Services spanning Blueprinting and Roadmapping can ensure any upcoming transformation project on the horizon gets off to the right start, and that your challenges and future state vision are addressed holistically, looking at not only your systems, but also data, people, and processes.

If you are looking for a Salesforce transformation partner that can help you lay the right foundation to achieve your business goals through technology, contact V2 Strategic Advisors today and learn more about our Salesforce Transformation and Advisory services.