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Our proprietary Accelerators augment the Salesforce platform with solutions for specific business challenges. As an official Salesforce partner, we’ve spent thousands of hours in each product and led hundreds of implementations for clients. These Accelerators build upon that foundation and enable you to innovate, drive business growth, and enhance your Salesforce investment.

Accelerator – Media & Retail

Data Clean Room Accelerator


Introducing the Data Clean Room Accelerator, a groundbreaking addition to the Media Cloud suite that redefines data management and collaboration. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Snowflake, this innovative solution allows users to effortlessly create and administer data clean rooms within the familiar Media Cloud environment. It stands as a beacon of security and compliance in the digital landscape, enabling publishers and advertisers to share data with confidence. This capability is pivotal for executing advertising campaigns that not only meet but exceed privacy standards.

With the Data Clean Room Accelerator, embark on a journey of enhanced data collaboration, where security, efficiency, and compliance are not just goals, but guarantees. Transform your approach to advertising campaign execution with a tool that is tailored for the future of privacy-conscious, data-driven marketing.

In today’s digital landscape, where the deprecation of third-party cookies marks a significant shift in online data practices, our Data Clean Room Accelerator emerges as a vital tool for forward-thinking businesses. As privacy laws tighten globally, it becomes increasingly crucial for industries such as media, retail, and hospitality to navigate data sharing with utmost caution and compliance. This solution empowers your company to safely share data with B2B customers and partners, unlocking the potential for deeper audience insights and enhanced revenue generation, all while rigorously protecting your customers’ personally identifiable information. Implementing the Data Clean Room Accelerator is not just a response to the evolving digital privacy landscape; it’s a strategic move to stay ahead in a cookie-less world. Embrace this cutting-edge solution to harness the power of secure data sharing and analytics, ensuring your business remains competitive and compliant in an era where data privacy is paramount.
  • Streamlined Data Clean Room Creation: The Accelerator revolutionizes your workflow within the Media Cloud environment by automating the creation of data clean rooms. This automation is not just a feature; it’s a transformation, leading to significant operational efficiencies and freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than manual processes.
  • Empowered Audience Insights and Segmentation: For publishers and advertisers, the merging of audience data within these secure environments unleashes a new realm of powerful insights. This capability enables the creation of innovative audience segments, offering a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors and preferences.
  • Enhanced Campaign Activation and Revenue Opportunities: With these insights, launch targeted advertising campaigns with precision like never before. The Accelerator not only facilitates this heightened campaign activation but also paves the way for discovering and capitalizing on new revenue channels, all while maintaining strict compliance with evolving privacy regulations.
  Solution – Media & entertainment

  Account Relationship Manager


Transform the way you manage customer relationships with our cutting-edge Account Relationship Management solution, built on the robust Salesforce CRM platform. This innovative tool is expertly designed to unravel the complexities often encountered by sales and middle-office teams in managing intricate account relationships. By bringing clarity and structure to these relationships, our solution significantly simplifies critical downstream processes such as order management and billing. Moreover, it streamlines reporting mechanisms, ensuring accurate data alignment and aggregation across accounts.

With the Account Relationship Manager, experience seamless integration of information, enhanced operational efficiency, and the assurance that every account is managed with precision and understanding. Elevate your team’s performance and customer relations to new heights, ensuring every interaction and transaction is handled with unmatched professionalism and ease.

Empower your sales teams with unparalleled clarity and insight into their accounts and the intricacies of their relationships. Our Account Relationship Manager goes beyond mere visibility; it provides a strategic framework that streamlines account structuring for precise reporting and financial reconciliations. This heightened level of transparency is a game-changer. It liberates your sales representatives from the complexities of financial account definitions and concepts, allowing them to dedicate their focus where it matters most: engaging in value-generating activities. As a result, they are positioned to accelerate their ‘time to value’, transforming prospects into successful, closed/won opportunities more efficiently. Implementing this solution means not just optimizing processes but revolutionizing the way your sales team operates and succeeds.

  • Structured Account Hierarchies: Establishes clean, intuitive account hierarchies, featuring distinct parent and child directories, to enable seamless navigation and management of complex account structures.
  • Optimized Data Governance: Streamlines governance processes, ensuring the maintenance of clean, accurate, and up-to-date data across your entire CRM system.
  • Dynamic Relationship Management: Efficiently manages intricate networks of advertisers and agencies, offering scalable associations to accurately reflect and navigate these vital business relationships.
  • Seamless System Integration: Provides flexible alignment for easy integration between CRM, Order Management Systems (OMS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, facilitating a unified operational framework.
  • Advanced Analytics Enablement: Generates unique identifiers for each account, enhancing the capacity for in-depth analytics and the seamless joining of diverse data sets for comprehensive insights.
  Solution – Media & Retail

 Account Forecast Manager

For Salesforce Sales Cloud and Media Cloud

Engineered with the power of Lightning components, our Account Forecast Manager revolutionizes the way business leaders approach revenue forecasting. This dynamic tool offers a comprehensive, bottoms-up view of account revenue targets, transforming complex financials into digestible quarterly snapshots. Designed for intuitive understanding and ease of use, these summaries can be effortlessly tailored to suit your specific security preferences, whether that means editing details or securing them under lock and key.

What sets this tool apart is its ability to provide early and precise revenue insights, empowering leaders to make more informed decisions. With the Account Forecast Manager, guiding your teams and managing accounts becomes a strategic and streamlined process, enabling you to navigate the financial landscape with confidence and foresight.

Streamline sales management complexities with our Account Forecast Manager. Designed for sales professionals managing multiple accounts and opportunities, this tool establishes and tracks per-period quotas, goals, and precise forecasts by account and channel. The robust interface consolidates this critical information into an intuitive, spreadsheet-style overview to accelerate budget updates and elevate planning accuracy. Gain strategic insights enabling more informed decisions and exceptional reporting. With these powerful insights, take your sales management capabilities to the next level. Our solution refines the art of quota and forecast management to optimize your team’s efforts and drive improved business outcomes. Unlock deeper visibility and control over the sales process.

  • Unified Goal Management: Centralizes monthly and quarterly goal tracking in a single, easily accessible platform, streamlining the process of monitoring and achieving business objectives.
  • Proactive Shortfall Identification: Enables quick detection of revenue shortfalls, facilitating the development of both strategic and tactical plans to efficiently reach account targets.
  • Advanced Forecasting Accuracy: Empowers businesses with enriched forecasting tools and clear benchmarks, ensuring precise measurement of pipeline progress against set sales goals. 
  • Customizable Financial Snapshots: Offers the flexibility to edit or lock financial summaries based on your security model, providing tailored quarterly snapshots that align with your business needs.
  • Real-Time Revenue Insights: Leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver early and accurate revenue predictions, enhancing leaders’ ability to manage teams and accounts effectively.
  Solution – media & Entertainment

 Advanced Seller Performance Analytics

For Salesforce Analytics

Built with Salesforce Analytics, our Advanced Seller Performance Analytics solution aims to empower sales leaders with a powerful combination of reports and dashboards that highlight and surface key metrics that are important for your business success. Gone are the days where you need to chase down valuable data points. With Advanced Seller Performance Analytics the data comes to you.

Gain clarity into your sales team’s performance with our Advanced Seller Performance Analytics solution. This real-time reporting provides visibility into your team’s activities, time management, and productivity levels. Strategically identify high-performing teams to benchmark success as well as those needing additional coaching or resources. Empower your top talent while providing targeted support to those needing improvement. With these insights, you can optimize your team’s efforts, boost collaboration, and exceed your sales goals. Our solution transforms how you perceive and guide your team to drive higher levels of achievement.

  • Centralized Engagement Tracking: Offers a unified system for capturing qualitative engagement information, enhancing visibility and accessibility of crucial client interactions for better decision-making.
  • Focused Managerial Insights: Delivers a clear, concise view of key seller touchpoints, enabling managers to distinguish high-impact activities from routine tasks and guide their teams more effectively.
  • Strategic Time Allocation Assessment: Features a ‘Level of Influence’ metric to evaluate if sellers are optimally investing their time and effort, fostering more strategic and productive engagements.
  • Data-Driven Performance Analysis: Utilizes advanced analytics to provide a detailed analysis of individual and team performance, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Offers real-time monitoring of sales activities, enabling immediate adjustments and proactive strategies to meet sales targets.
  • Enhanced Sales Forecasting Accuracy: Leverages historical data and current trends to improve the accuracy of sales forecasting, aiding in better resource allocation and strategy planning.
     Solution – media & Entertainment

    Account Assignments Manager

    For Salesforce Sales Cloud

    The Account Assignments Manager is a specialized Salesforce solution that streamlines the process of managing account ownership and territory reassignments within sales teams, dramatically enhancing Salesforce’s out-of-the-box capabilities with more robust features and functionality, as well as an improved user experience. It provides an interface for efficiently handling mass changes to account assignments, including ownership transfers and distribution of accounts when there is turnover or territory realignment.

    This tool is particularly useful in dynamic sales environments where account assignments are frequently updated, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining continuity in customer relationships and sales strategies. It also supports the management of split assignments and team-based ownership structures, adding flexibility and precision to sales operations.

    Implementing the Account Assignments Manager solution is vital for sales organizations with complex account assignment processes and a higher volume of changes needed regularly, quarterly, or annually, who are seeking to maintain agile and effective sales territories and account management. It allows for the seamless reallocation of accounts among sales representatives, ensuring that no opportunities are lost during transitions, such as personnel changes or territory realignments. This solution facilitates the equitable distribution of accounts, aligns sales resources with market potential, and ensures that each account receives the appropriate focus. Additionally, it aids in minimizing disruption to customer relationships during the reassignment processes, thereby preserving trust and continuity in customer account management and customer service.

    • Seamless Account Reassignment: Facilitates smooth transitions during account reassignments, mitigating risks of customer service disruption.
    • Territory Management Efficiency: Improves the management of sales territories through streamlined processes for account reallocation and updates.
    • Reduced Administrative Overhead: Minimizes the time and effort required to manage account transitions, especially in large sales teams with frequent changes.
    • Enhanced Sales Team Agility: Allows sales teams to quickly adapt to market changes or internal restructuring without losing sales momentum.
    • Preserved Customer Relationships: Ensures that customer relationships are maintained and nurtured consistently, even when account managers change.
      Solution – media & Entertainment

      Media Strategy Manager

    For Salesforce Sales Cloud

    The Media Strategy Manager solution is a tool specifically designed for media and advertising sales teams. It goes beyond what traditional CRM systems offer in terms of Account Management, providing a more strategic approach to forecasting and managing Accounts. This solution allows for a granular approach to planning, which includes the capture and allocation of expected budgets across various Accounts and related channels. These allocations can be set on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, catering to diverse planning needs.

    This capability enables ad sales teams to effectively set and track revenue targets, align resources with potential opportunities, and anticipate market trends. By offering a clear overview of budget allocation and strategic account objectives, the Media Strategy Manager solution aids teams in prioritizing their efforts. This helps in optimizing ad sales potential and building a comprehensive roadmap for achieving sales goals.

    Implementing the Media Strategy Manager solution is essential for ad sales teams aiming to optimize their account planning strategies and enhance forecasting accuracy. It enables a proactive approach to account management by aligning sales efforts with anticipated market needs and account potentials. This solution empowers teams to strategically allocate budgets, anticipate client spending patterns, and prioritize high-value accounts. The result is a more focused and data-driven strategy that can lead to increased revenue, improved client relationships, and a stronger competitive position in the ad sales market.

    • High-Level Revenue Forecasting: Enables high-level estimate of revenue streams by aligning account plans with expected quarterly budgets and client spending habits.
    • Strategic Resource Allocation: Assists in distributing sales resources effectively to capitalize on the highest-value Accounts and Opportunities.
    • Enhanced Planning Visibility: Provides a clear overview of Account strategies and budget distribution, facilitating better decision-making and strategy development.
    • Dynamic Market Adaptation: Offers the agility to adjust Account strategies in response to shifting market conditions and client needs.
    • Data-Driven Account Prioritization: Leverages historical data and predictive analytics to focus efforts on Accounts with the highest potential for growth.
      Solution – media & Entertainment

     Meeting Summary & Participant Manager

    For Salesforce Sales Cloud

    The Meeting Summary & Participant Manager is a Salesforce enhancement aimed at optimizing the capture and management of qualitative and quantitative data from meeting-related interactions. It provides an interface for capturing meeting metadata and logging detailed meeting notes, which goes beyond just recording that a meeting occurred, as is the case with out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality. It enables users to track the advancement of relationships, gauge the level of influence of meeting participants, and assess the outcomes of meetings.

    This tool also simplifies the addition and removal of both internal and external participants, and ensures that all meeting-related notes across all attending team members are centralized and memorialized on a single CRM database record for easy reference. It’s designed to standardize where qualitative engagement notes are logged, making them consistently accessible and connected to the relevant Salesforce records, such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Contracts. This helps teams stay organized and informed about client relationships and interactions.

    Implementing the Meeting Summary & Participant Manager solution enhances the capture and centralization of meeting intelligence across your Salesforce environment. It provides a unified interface for consolidating meeting notes and participant information, fostering a more strategic approach to customer relationship management. By standardizing the recording process, it eliminates the inconsistency and fragmentation of meeting details, ensuring that critical insights and action items are not lost or overlooked. This tool empowers teams with comprehensive oversight of client interactions, enabling more informed decisions, better follow-up, and a deeper understanding of each client’s needs and the trajectory of their relationship with your firm.

    • Centralized Meeting Intelligence: Consolidates all meeting information, participant details, and notes into one centralized location within Salesforce for easy access and reference regardless of how many times accounts change hands.
    • Enhanced Relationship Tracking: Records the depth and progression of client relationships, capturing not just the frequency of interactions but also the influence of participants and relevancy of interactions.
    • Improved Collaboration: Enables team members to add, view, and share detailed notes from meetings, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed about client interactions.
    • Actionable Insights: Provides structured data on meetings that can be analyzed for insights, helping to inform future strategies and actions with clients.
    • Consistency Across Records: Standardizes the process of capturing meeting summary data, leading to consistent and comprehensive documentation across Accounts and Opportunities.
      Solution – media & Entertainment

     Strategic Ad Sales Inventory Management

    For Salesforce Sales Cloud

    The Strategic Ad Sales Inventory Management solution enables traditional ad sales and retail media ad sales teams to view and reserve advertising inventory from Salesforce CRM, particularly for non-digital assets such as print media or outdoor billboards. It provides a real-time view of inventory availability, enabling ad sales teams to effectively match client needs with available ad spaces.

    This tool is built to streamline the process of inventory checks and bookings, ensuring that ad sales can be executed without overbooking and that all available inventory is optimally utilized. Overall, the tool’s core function is to enable media companies with enhanced efficiencies and accuracy around managing and selling ad inventory strategically.

    Implementing the Strategic Ad Sales Inventory Management solution is crucial for ad sales teams that require better control over the ad sales process when it comes to inventory management, especially for non-digital assets. This tool provides a real-time view of inventory levels, preventing overbooking and ensuring that every ad space is utilized to its full potential. With this solution, sales teams can rapidly match client campaigns with available inventory, optimize revenue through efficient inventory turnover, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive inventory data. By enhancing visibility and control over ad sales inventory, this solution helps maximize ad sales opportunities and streamline the operational aspects of ad space management.

    • Optimized Inventory Usage: Ensures all advertising spaces are utilized effectively, maximizing revenue potential from available inventory.
    • Prevention of Overbooking: Reduces the risk of overbooking ad spaces, maintaining the integrity of campaign schedules and deliverables.
    • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: Provides a live view of inventory status, enabling quick response to changes and availability.
    • Strategic Planning Support: Aids in long-term strategic planning with insights into inventory trends and usage patterns.
    • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Improves client experience by reliably delivering on campaign promises without inventory conflicts or shortages.
    Pre-Sales Workflow Management solution
      Solution – media & Entertainment

     Pre-Sales Workflow Management Solution

    For Salesforce Media Cloud Growth

    The Pre-Sales Workflow Management solution streamlines the critical pre-sales process for media companies by providing a comprehensive toolset within the Salesforce platform. It leverages Slack, OmniStudio, automation, notifications, flows, customized record pages, and FlexCards to create an efficient end-to-end workflow for managing pre-sales activities. With features like Slack integration, email alerts, and guided processes, sales teams can seamlessly collaborate, track leads, gather requirements, and drive opportunities through the pipeline. Built on the Media Cloud data model tailored explicitly for media clients, this solution equips organizations with industry-specific functionality to optimize their pre-sales operations, improve responsiveness, and accelerate the sales cycle, ultimately driving revenue growth.

    Implementing the Pre-Sales Workflow Management solution becomes invaluable for media companies looking to gain a competitive edge by optimizing their pre-sales processes. This comprehensive toolset addresses the critical need for efficient lead management, opportunity tracking, media planning, and collaboration within sales teams. By leveraging Salesforce’s powerful platform combined with industry-specific features like the Media Cloud data model, organizations can streamline their workflows, improve team coordination through Slack integration, and ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks with automated notifications and guided processes. This solution empowers sales teams to be more responsive, gather requirements effectively, and drive deals through the pipeline swiftly. With real-time visibility, insightful analytics, and customizable tools tailored to media companies’ unique needs, the Pre-Sales Workflow Management solution paves the way for boosting sales productivity, accelerating revenue generation, and ultimately, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    • Streamlined Pre-Sales Processes: Guides sales teams through a structured, efficient workflow for managing leads, gathering requirements, and driving opportunities through the pipeline.
    • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Facilitates seamless communication and coordination among sales team members through Slack integration, enabling real-time updates, approvals, and resolutions.
    • Automated Task Management: Leverages automations, notifications, and flows to ensure no tasks or follow-ups are missed, improving responsiveness and productivity.
    • Media Industry Tailored: Built on the Media Cloud data model, providing industry-specific functionality and a deep understanding of media companies’ unique requirements.
    • Faster Sales Cycles: Empowers sales teams with the tools and insights needed to accelerate the pre-sales process, shorten sales cycles, and drive revenue growth more rapidly.
    • Comprehensive Visibility: Offers real-time visibility into pre-sales activities, opportunity status, and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

    For Salesforce Media Cloud and Snowflake

    The Data Clean Room Accelerator extends and enhances Media Cloud’s suite of features so that users can easily create and manage Snowflake data clean rooms within the Media Cloud environment. This enables secure data sharing between publishers and advertisers for privacy-compliant advertising campaign execution.

    With the deprecation of third-party cookies and tightening of privacy laws, data clean rooms allow media, retail, and hospitality companies to safely share data with B2B customers and partners, generate deeper audience insights, and increase revenue while protecting their customers’ personally identifiable information.

    The Accelerator automates the creation of data clean rooms within the Media Cloud environment, creating operational efficiencies. For publishers and advertisers, combined audience data generates powerful insights, and allows them to create new audience segments, activate campaigns, and unlock new revenue channels while remaining compliant.

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