Who We Are

Our Non-Traditional Journey

Our journey began in a small apartment by a physics major turned software salesman who believed that software-as-a-service consulting could be done better. Armed with a credit card and an abundant passion for pioneering a new approach, our founder, John Tanner, embarked upon a journey that began with a thoughtful analysis around how physics concepts could be leveraged in business.

Prying open his old college textbooks, he was reminded of fascinating concepts like velocity (a vector with speed and direction) and voltage (a measure of potential energy). Velocity + Voltage became the foundation of V2 and remain key tenants our team utilizes as world-class consultants.

A bit geeky? Sure. But taking a fresh approach to consulting has served us well, propelling V2 into a respected, market-leading boutique firm. We’re formulaic when appropriate, agile always, and evolving daily.

Our Global Reach

V2 has proven global reach, having successfully supported client teams spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. V2 operates a hybrid virtual/office model with hubs in the US and in Latin America. Each hub is unique, just like our people.

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Our Unwavering Commitment To Quality

Today, V2 remains an independent, privately-held firm. We are a multicultural company comprised of employees across the Americas and focused on sustainable growth, choosing the right client partnerships, and maintaining a healthy work environment for our teams. While we recognize that profitability is necessary to fund the V2 journey, we never lose sight of the fact that cutting corners at the expense of delivery excellence is not an option. Simply put, we hold the bar high for V2 team members, recognizing our day-to-day actions must aim to exceed client expectations and enhance V2’s brand.