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Our 17+ year journey in consulting has included some of the world’s most recognized Media organizations. Our expertise spans many industry segments and business models: streaming services, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, sports franchises, business information services, agencies, digital, programmatic, events, and out of home. We didn’t learn it overnight and we continue to evolve our thinking every day as convergence continues. We believe consultancies who take an “a mile wide and an inch deep” approach do not solve the most challenging hurdles you face. We walk in the door seeking to understand your uniqueness and determine how V2 can enhance your competitive advantage.

V2’s developed leading Salesforce-based solutions for many segments of Media. Our solutions span myriad revenue models, including ad sales, subscriptions, events, content rights management, services, ad tech/SaaS and others. We combine time-tested core solutions developed by V2 with segment-specific modules and customized settings for your organization. The result: no more building/reconstructing Salesforce “from the ground up” to meet your needs.

“Many people outside of the industry don’t see that Media is a COMPLEX SET OF SEGMENTS, REVENUE MODELS, AND INTERCONNECTED COMPANIES. We’ve built a consulting business around exploring, understanding, and solving each client’s different business needs, taking into consideration the unique conditions and hurdles faced at any particular moment of their journey. It’s challenging, exciting and rewarding.”

– John Tanner, Founder & Co-Ceo

Industry Challenges &

Salesforce Solutions for Media

The Media industry faces several challenges, from declining revenues to the need to embrace digital transformation. Here are some of the problems that the industry faces, along with a possible solution using Salesforce products:

Declining Revenues: Media companies are facing a decline in revenues due to changing consumption patterns and the shift towards digital platforms. Salesforce Media Cloud can help Media companies manage their sales pipeline and improve nurturing of B2B relationships. With Media Cloud, Media companies can automate their sales processes, identify new opportunities, and track customer interactions.

Audience Engagement: Media companies need to engage their audience across different channels, including social Media, email, and mobile apps. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help Media companies personalize their communications and engage with their audience across different channels. With Marketing Cloud, Media companies can create targeted campaigns, automate their marketing processes, and track customer interactions.

Data Management: Media companies need to manage large amounts of data, including customer data, content data, and advertising data. Salesforce CRM Analytics and Einstein can help Media companies analyze their data and gain insights into their audience, content, and advertising performance. With Salesforce Analytics, Media companies can create custom dashboards, generate reports, and analyze data in real-time. Additionally, with Salesforce Data Cloud now available, Media companies can now tackle data enrichment to improve the effectiveness of their advertising efforts, and also data monetization to drive increased revenues

Subscriber Management: Media companies need a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize customer management, enhance engagement, and drive business growth in the rapidly evolving Media landscape. Salesforce Subscriber Lifecycle Management can provide Media companies with a range of tools and capabilities to effectively manage their customers throughout their lifecycle, assisting with issues like customer acquisition, personalized content delivery, billing, customer support, analytics, and reporting, to name a few. 

Ad Sales: Media companies need to sell advertising across different channels, including print, digital, and social Media. The Salesforce Ad Sales Management product, which is part of Salesforce’s Media Cloud Industry offering, can help Media companies manage their advertising sales processes and increase their revenue. With Advertising Sales, Media companies can create custom proposals, automate their ad sales processes, and track advertising performance.

A Heritage Rooted in Media

Earns V2 Global Recognition

Because of our firm’s extensive background with supporting Media clients, V2 is proud to be named by Salesforce, an official launch partner of their Media Cloud Ad Sales Management solution, designed to help Media clients automate their ad sales process, improve their sales performance, and drive more revenue. The solution provides a single platform for managing all aspects of the ad sales process, from prospecting and qualifying leads to negotiating contracts and closing deals. It also includes a suite of analytics tools that help clients track the performance of their ad campaigns and measure their return on investment. To learn more about this solution, visit our dedicated solution overview page.

John Donnelly,
Chief Revenue Officer, Inc., & Fast Company

“V2 is the single best systems integrator I have ever encountered, and the work you have done on behalf of Inc. and Fast Company is game-changing.”

Inc Fast Company

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The Media industry is facing many complex challenges right now, but with the right Salesforce implementation partner, a team of experts who have deep hands-on expertise in your industry, we can help advise you to ensure that you end up with the best fit Salesforce organization you really need.

Salesforce offers many solutions to help Media companies automate their manual processes, personalize their communications, and gain insights into their audience, content, and advertising performance. By embracing digital transformation and leveraging technology solutions, Media companies can overcome these challenges and thrive in the digital age.

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V2 Strategic Advisors specializes in delivering exceptional Salesforce services tailored specifically for the Media Industry. With our in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within this sector, we offer expert guidance and solutions to help our clients drive growth, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences through the power of Salesforce.

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