Salesforce Media Cloud

Lead the way in today’s changing media landscape

Salesforce Media Cloud has transformed the way media and entertainment organizations use Salesforce, allowing them to launch, monetize, and scale media experiences that meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers.

This out-of-the-box, customizable data model is built directly on the Salesforce platform, designed to streamline the buyer journey, simplify reporting and operations, and deliver experiences that delight customers, advertisers, and partners.

Benefits of Salesforce Media Cloud:

  • Automate pricing and discounts
  • Build converged media plans
  • Unify your marketing experience
  • Manage and streamline contracts
  • Maximize average revenue per user
  • Run effective programmatic advertising
  • Centralize RFP management
  • Enable digital transformation throughout your organization
  • Increase profitability

Solutions for Media Revenue Models

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Launch subscription services and drive subscriber acquisition, retention, and upselling

Advertising Sales Management

Sell smarter and faster. Unify advertising channels, campaigns, and operations in a single platform.

Media Commerce Management

Connect content and merchandise revenue, generate product sales, and create personalized media commerce experiences.

Licensing & Rights Management

Expand licensing opportunities, develop new monetization strategies, and streamline contract negotiations.


Deliver Personalized End-to-End Experiences

Create a 360-degree view of each current and prospective customer, complete with their purchase patterns and a detailed interaction history. Then, manage their customer journey with custom offers and clear next steps.

Consumers today expect personalization, not mass media. With complete audience profiles, you can build engaged audiences and loyal communities.

  • Simplify upsells, renewals, and churn risks for your AEs
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Build long-term brand affinity
Salesforce Media Cloud


Improve Ad Sales and Campaign Performance

Integrate Salesforce’s Product Catalog, CPQ, and Contract Management tools to build a comprehensive solution for converged campaigns. This allows quick, easy forecasting across all media types and a clear view of your sales process.

The advertising landscape is more competitive than ever, and the deprecation of third-party cookies means advertisers and publishers need a strong first-party data strategy and detailed insights on campaign performance.

  • Eliminate spreadsheet-based reporting
  • Improve campaign KPIs and attribution
  • Reduce high day sales outstanding
Salesforce Media Cloud help advertisers


Create a Centralized Hub of Operations

Unite all of your content into a single platform instead of managing disparate channels and customer experiences. Reduce manual processes, spreadsheets, and time spent on non-value generating activities.

Companies today are managing growing product catalogs, and media M&As are increasingly common. This adds scale—and complexity—to operations.

  • Accelerate the launch of new offers and products through a single platform
  • Develop a comprehensive, easily-manageable product catalog
  • Operate from a single source of truth
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Customize the Platform As You Evolve

Salesforce Media Cloud is an out-of-the-box data model built specifically for media-related revenue models. It’s both customizable and extensible, depending on your team’s goals, needs, and existing tech stack.

Your team likely already uses other best-in-class products from Salesforce, and Media Cloud is a seamless addition. Plus, with add-ons like CRM Analytics and Datorama, you can build the exact specifications your team needs.

  • Less code, more drag and drop
  • Less technical debt, quicker development and deployment, and less maintenance
  • Create branded customer and employee interactions quickly and easily
Flexible Media focused data model

The V2 Approach

We are a leading Salesforce implementation partner focused on delivering tailored solutions that empower teams to work more effectively and efficiently. We have consulted some of the world’s biggest names in media, entertainment, broadcasting, and retail for the past 17+ years, and were chosen by Salesforce as one of five global launch partners for Media Cloud Ad Sales Management. We combine time-tested core modules developed for media & entertainment with customizations created specifically for your organization.

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Our proprietary Accelerators build upon the Salesforce platform with solutions for specific business challenges.

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