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You might be asking yourself, what do marketing and artificial intelligence have to do with one another, and the answer is everything. With increased market pressures and economic uncertainty, modern sales teams are leveraging more and more data sources (sales history, customer service history, partner and industry metrics) to design their winning communication strategy, that will resonate with their customers. In order to support and accomplish this, its never been more important for sales teams to have this data, much of which is gathered/collected from the firm’s marketing efforts, to analyze what went well and what could have been improved. 

The customer data that comes from marketing efforts not only helps you understand what happened historically, but this information, when properly centralized and harmonized, can help inform your team about what your future campaigns might look like, who they should be targeting, when those messages will be sent, and how those communications will be deployed. This is where AI can come in.

Marketing and AI can have powerful implications on brands and organizations, but we ultimately help clients think through how these two levers can be weaponized together, to drive more closed/won deals, with greater frequency, while also achieving a higher AOV.

So, what does a multi-channel marketing operations strategy look like in this day and age? Marketers face the daunting challenge of how to best establish, maintain, and enhance their brands and craft customer journeys that create and maintain customer loyalty. Many organizations face the complexity of B2B2C business models with audience data that is scattered and far from perfect. Large amounts of data flow freely and frequently for prospects, existing clients, and partners to leverage during the research, evaluation, and buying phases. The cycle to bring new products and services to market has been condensed. Strong pipelines are necessary for survival. The need for agile marketing operations has never been greater.

The Power of

Marketing Cloud

Powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities: Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a wide range of segmentation and targeting capabilities that allow you to reach your target audience with laser precision. You can segment your audience based on demographics, interests, purchase history, and more.

A robust set of reporting and analytics tools: Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a robust set of reporting and analytics tools that allow you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and measure their impact on your business goals.

Integration with other Salesforce products: Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates seamlessly with other Salesforce products, such as Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud. This allows you to create a unified view of your customers and their interactions with your company, which can be used to improve your marketing and sales efforts.

The Speed of

Einstein GPT

Increased productivity: Einstein GPT can help you automate tasks such as generating email content, writing blog posts, and creating social media posts. This can free up your time to focus on more strategic work, such as developing new products, building relationships with customers, and growing your business.

Improved accuracy: Einstein GPT is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, which allows it to generate more accurate and relevant content. This can help you avoid making mistakes, such as sending out emails with typos or grammatical errors. It can also help you ensure that your content is consistent with your brand voice and messaging.

Enhanced personalization: Einstein GPT can personalize content for each individual customer, which can help you build stronger relationships and drive more conversions. For example, Einstein GPT can use a customer’s purchase history to recommend products or services that they are likely to be interested in. It can also use a customer’s social media activity to personalize content that is relevant to their interests.

Tailored & Personalized


We at V2 recognize that traditional CRM solutions can only take you so far in the execution of multi-channel marketing. We believe in the power of best-of-breed marketing solutions such as Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Datorama, and others. When done properly, integrating your marketing solution with CRM will take more than a few clicks, and conversations between departments will need to be authentic and collaborative. Decisions around lead scoring and assignment rules, segmentation criteria, campaign structures, data modeling, the timing of conversions, and other key factors will be critical. Ensuring healthy collaboration between marketing and sales will be equally as important. Data cleansing is likely necessary.

V2 is well-prepared to guide your own journey. We can help lead effective sessions both within your marketing department and across teams, leading to improved understanding and communication between marketing, sales, product, and other departments. We will help define the concept of Leads vs. Qualified Opportunities based on your unique vernacular and drive conversations around roles and responsibilities that are often long overdue. From a technology perspective, we are world-class architects and have a proven track record of designing and integrating a multitude of systems, helping our clients finally breathe a sigh of relief that marketing and sales solutions can indeed be effectively integrated. Everyone can be happy, believe us. V2 will get you over the hump and on your way to effective, high-ROI multi-channel marketing. We’ll make you a marketing hero.

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V2 Strategic Advisors is a trusted partner for Marketing and AI Salesforce services, combining our expertise in both fields to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients. With our deep knowledge of marketing strategies and AI technologies, we enable businesses to leverage the power of Salesforce to drive personalized campaigns, optimize customer journeys, and harness the potential of artificial intelligence for actionable insights and predictive analytics.

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