How We Operate

A Nuanced Approach To Consulting

We believe that we’re not like the others. Long, ineffective calls drive us crazy. Imagine replacing exhaustive slide decks with whiteboarding and unnecessary meetings with execution. We learn the nuances of your business by listening more than talking. Spending energy on strategic planning is balanced with executing tactical activities. We build trust through transparency in everything we do. V2 is changing the rules of engagement.

Having invested hundreds of thousands of consulting hours working with clients across multiple industries, we fully recognize that true, transformational technology consulting is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Over the years, we have tailored myriad program offerings to suit the different needs of our clients based on where they are in their Salesforce journey. The Salesforce platform is ever-expanding and our customers demand consulting services that can keep up with the complexity.

John Donnelly,
Chief Revenue Officer, Inc., & Fast Company

“V2 is the single best systems integrator I have ever encountered, and the work you have done on behalf of Inc. and Fast Company is game-changing.”

Inc Fast Company