Analytics & Visualizations

Turn Your Data Into

A Strategic Asset

Now more than ever, attaining a sustained competitive advantage in your industry is heavily dependent upon insightful data analysis. If you want your business to thrive, you need to find a way to capture, visualize, analyze, and act on your company’s data effectively and in real time, without impacting the end-user experience.

Under V2’s Analytics & Visualizations practice, we provide expert guidance, advisory, and hands-on services to support organizations in optimizing data management. We obsess about ensuring your processes, systems, solutions, and policies are aligned to capture relevant data, placing heavy emphasis on user interface design and experience to drive high user adoption. 

V2 offers a range of services to support your data needs, including:

Data Architecture & Strategy Consulting

We work closely with our clients to understand their current state and data needs, building a roadmap to achieve specific goals. Our team has industry-specific expertise to advise on how data should be structured and optimally shared across critical prospect-to-cash systems, including marketing automation, Sales & Service CRM, middle office, billing, and more.

Data Analysis, Cleansing & Migration Services

We support clients in critical upfront data analysis and cleansing and migration activities as part of transformation projects. V2 has decades of experience across a broad range of scenarios, helping clients define a single source of truth for customer data, cutting over from legacy systems into Salesforce, consolidating multiple Salesforce instances into a single source of truth, and onboarding new teams and their data sets into an existing environment.

Data Governance Process Design and Implementation

We design and develop data governance solutions that align with your unique business requirements and implement scalable solutions to optimize data flow between systems.

Reporting & Analytics Design and Implementation

We have extensive experience working with customers to hone their reporting and analytics strategy. We implement and optimize best-in-class cloud-based analytics platforms, including Tableau, CRM Analytics, and Marketing Cloud Intelligence, to help executives, managers, and business users visualize and interpret data sets.

AI & Intelligence Services

Our team helps to design, build, test, and deploy AI solutions to empower your team to better understand and act on data in new ways.

Data Testing and Deployment

Our team recognizes the importance of data accuracy, consistency, completeness, and security, and works closely with clients on effective QA around all data initiatives.

Managed Services

We provide managed services to support your ongoing data governance and cleansing needs.

Proven Partners. Trusted Advisors. Beyond Consulting

V2 Strategic Advisors is a trusted provider of expert Analytics and Visualization Salesforce services, leveraging powerful tools like Tableau and Datorama to deliver actionable insights and data-driven decision-making for our clients. With our deep understanding of data analytics, visualization techniques, and Salesforce integration, we empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their data, drive strategic growth, and gain a competitive edge in their industries. 

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