Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

V2’s mission is to improve key revenue, profitability, and productivity metrics of our clients while making a significant impact on the day-to-day experiences of their employees. Through our passionate work, we support the growth of our clients’ organizations and consistently demonstrate our core values in an effort to evolve the greater business community. Regardless of our company size, it is our goal to build a diverse, world-class organization consisting of top-notch individuals who will become the next generation of business leaders.

“A large part of V2’s ‘secret sauce’ has been OUR CONSISTENT DEDICATION TO BRINGING TOGETHER A DIVERSE AND REMARKABLE GROUP OF HUMAN BEINGS WHO DEMONSTRATE INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY, A PASSION TO GROW, AND THE CONFIDENCE TO SHARE NEW WAYS OF THINKING. Our differing backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences emerge as we leverage rigorous debate and inclusive decision making to arrive at innovative solutions for our clients and our own firm.”

– Ryan Prescott, Chief Experience Officer

Our Core Values

We are proud of our unwavering commitment to client success based on a strong set of core values that guide our interactions on a day-to-day basis. It’s not fluff, it’s real.

We Believe In…

Demonstrating Consistent Excellence

  • We believe in coaching our team members to adapt to a high-performing, growth-oriented landscape and helping them achieve the goals they set.

Continuous Learning

  • We believe in the power of combining curiosity with ongoing learning to provide our employees with world-class experiences and professional development.

Fostering Transparency & Accountability

  • We believe that the utmost transparency and accountability at all levels in the company contributes to a positive, trust-based culture.

Injecting Positive Energy

  • We believe that attitude drives how we interact with each other, how we execute the company strategy, and how we bring passion to every client conversation.

Leading with Humility & Teamwork

  • We believe in fostering an environment where teammates and leaders are open to continuous and genuine feedback and coaching, and where we are all responsible for each other’s growth.

Taking a Fair & Reasonable Approach

  • We believe in setting equitable expectations with our employees, clients, partners, and community.

Maintaining Absolute Integrity

  • We believe integrity is foundational to the way we conduct ourselves with others.