Our Partners

Aligning With Best-In-Class Solutions

We at V2 choose our partners wisely. It’s not about volume, it’s about fit. We focus on leveraging best-in-class solutions and align with companies who have a similar commitment to core values and diversity & inclusion, and who continuously maintain the highest standards of excellence for work quality and customer experience. Our standards are admittedly high, and we believe it’s our ethical obligation to recommend the right solutions, not the convenient ones. It’s all part of delivering a premium customer experience and driving a high return on your technology investment. Let’s construct your architecture with long-term function and sustainability in mind, leveraging the best platform raw materials available.

Who We Are

V2 is a leading boutique management & technology consultancy in the Salesforce ecosystem. Since 2005, we've built a respectable client list of well-known brands and fostered a culture of excellence, diversity, inclusion, and growth.

What We Do

V2 supports business and technology transformation initiatives across a range of industries. We take a holistic approach to solving client challenges by focusing on people, processes, data and platforms, and partner with best-in-class technology solutions including Salesforce and Snowflake.

How We Operate

V2 is an independently owned consulting firm that delivers a unique customer experience by combining proven enterprise capabilities, fair & reasonable pricing, a flexible delivery model, and a white-gloved approach to client success.


V2 understands the nuances of your industry including key trends, process flows, roles & responsibilities, data structures, and technology integrations. We'll speak your language on day one and share proven, innovative approaches to help you drive business and digital transformation in a competitive landscape.

Featured Insights

V2 believes that providing world-class consulting services begins with a passion to listen, learn, analyze, debate and share. While we certainly retain some of our "special sauce" for clients, we feel it's important to highlight our perspective and insights on a range of relevant topics.