Why Work With V2

Why Work With V2

At V2, our goal is to create an unparalleled consulting experience and build longstanding partnerships with each and every client. We take pride in offering a unique approach to technology consulting and aim to provide a refreshing alternative to traditional consulting models.

What Makes V2 Different 

Nimble project scoping and delivery
We leverage the best of agile and waterfall to move fast without cutting corners

Fair and honest pricing
We scope with integrity to help you appropriately plan your budget and limit surprise change orders along the way

Authentic, transparent communication
We prioritize your organizational health and success and do not fear tough conversations

Client-facing teams, consistent staffing, zero off-shoring
We believe you should meet everyone working on behalf of your organization and work hard to avoid a revolving door

Executive sponsorship on every project
We ensure access and governance by our leadership team so you always feel you are supported

A holistic approach to technology delivery
We take the blinders off to ensure your solutions can appropriately scale with inevitable change

Commitment to quality delivery
We see projects through to successful completion with a focus on on-time delivery

Diverse teams
We always staff A-players to ensure you are getting the best consulting resources for your projects

Commitment to learning and professional growth
We support our team in learning and development and always operate with a continuous improvement mindset

Industry and technology-driven passion and innovation
We bring passion around the industries we support and strive for business and technology innovation

Fair and reasonable business practices
We build trust-based relationships through our fair and reasonable approach

Equitable hiring and management practices and focus on growing future business leaders
We focus proactive energy in ensuring commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

John Donnelly,
Chief Revenue Officer, Inc., & Fast Company

“V2 is the single best systems integrator I have ever encountered, and the work you have done on behalf of Inc. and Fast Company is game-changing.”

Inc Fast Company