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Unleash the Potential of V2’s Services for Retail Media Organizations

When it comes to enhancing, optimizing, and scaling your retail media technology infrastructure, our dedicated team of experts is ready to offer unparalleled support. With V2’s Retail Media Practice, we go beyond traditional management consulting to deliver specialized solutions tailored to fuel your success in the dynamic world of retail media advertising. Understanding the unique challenges of retail media, we provide strategic guidance and seamless integration with Salesforce at the core. 

Let us be your trusted partner in elevating your retail media campaigns, driving targeted advertising, and maximizing ROI to propel your business forward in the competitive retail landscape.

V2 Strategic Advisor’s 

Retail Media Services

While Salesforce provides a strong foundation for retail media efforts, especially with Industry-first solutions like Salesforce Media Cloud, unlocking its full potential demands specialized expertise and a tailored approach. Our Retail Media Services offer a range of advantages to companies utilizing Salesforce to support their retail media endeavors.

Upfront Advisory Services: Our seasoned consultants provide invaluable insights and strategic direction, helping businesses align their retail media strategies with overall objectives and industry best practices.

Technology Assessments & Blueprinting: We conduct comprehensive assessments of your existing retail media technology infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and designing a blueprint for optimal Salesforce integration and customization.

Retail Media Ad Sales CRM, Middle Office Solutions & Billing Solutions: Tailored to your needs, we offer cutting-edge solutions to streamline retail media ad sales, middle office operations, and billing processes, enhancing efficiencies and revenue generation. 

Campaign Performance Management: Our data-driven approach ensures effective campaign monitoring and optimization, leveraging real-time insights to maximize the impact of your retail media advertising efforts.

Advanced Data Analytics & Reporting: Harness the power of data with our advanced analytics and reporting tools, providing actionable intelligence for smarter decision-making around vendor management, campaign management, and more.

Training and Adoption Programs: Empower teams including Sales, Ad Operations, Billing, and Finance and other teams with our comprehensive training programs, ensuring they can fully leverage Salesforce for retail media management and campaign success.

Scalability and Expansion Support: As your business grows, we stand ready to support your evolving needs, designing scalable solutions to accommodate increased campaign volumes and expanded market reach.

With our specialized expertise and unwavering dedication, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of retail media technology on Salesforce, driving enhanced performance, and achieving lasting success in the dynamic retail landscape.

Salesforce Solutions for 

Retail Media

V2 Strategic Advisors is your trusted partner for all Salesforce services. At V2, we are industry leaders in providing specialized solutions for the unique challenges faced by retailers executing their retail media strategies. Here are some of Salesforce’s top solutions for retail media:

Expert Vendor Management & Strategic Planning: With our deep expertise, we excel in vendor management and strategic planning, ensuring you have the right partners and technologies in place to drive retail media success.

Integrated Inventory Management: Our solutions, built on top of the Salesforce platform, empower you with advanced planning, visualization, and booking tools when it comes to inventory management, empowering your sales and ad operations teams.

Enhanced Opportunity Pipeline & Forecast Management: Our solutions empower you to stay on top of opportunities, accurately forecast performance based on projected flighting, and make data-driven decisions to boost revenue generation.

Advanced Quoting, Pricing & Bundling: We tailor Salesforce to support sophisticated quoting, pricing, and bundling strategies across in-store, on-site, and off-site tactics, giving you a competitive edge in the fast-paced retail media landscape. Furthermore, these solutions also help optimize inventory management and workflow processes, minimizing operational bottlenecks and ensuring campaigns run seamlessly.


Ad Sales and Ad Operations Collaboration: Facilitating seamless collaboration between ad sales and operations teams, we enhance communication and streamline campaign execution for exceptional results.

Streamlined Ad Server Integration for Campaign Booking: With our expertise, you can seamlessly integrate your ad server with Salesforce, simplifying campaign booking and ensuring accurate tracking of ad placements.

Data-Driven Campaign Performance Management & Billing Reconciliation: Our data analytics capabilities enable you to monitor campaign performance in real time, ensuring practical billing reconciliation and maximizing campaign ROI.


With V2 Strategic Advisors as your partner, you gain access to a team of seasoned experts who understand the intricacies of Salesforce and its role in supporting successful retail media strategies. 

Our tailored solutions and strategic guidance enable you to capitalize on every opportunity, optimize operational efficiency, and achieve sustained growth in the competitive retail media landscape. Let us guide you on your journey to retail media success with Salesforce.

The Benefits of Working With 

V2 + Salesforce

Retail media organizations have already realized the benefits of working with industry-focused technology partners like Salesforce and V2. Here are some key advantages other organizations are seeing:

Strategic Roadmap for Growth: V2’s upfront advisory services and technology assessments provide a clear roadmap for sustainable growth. We assist in identifying untapped opportunities and untangling complex challenges, allowing you to build a scalable retail media infrastructure primed for expansion.

Targeted Advertising Excellence: V2’s retail media services coupled with Salesforce’s solutions for Retail Media Networks, equip retailers with the tools necessary to efficiently manage and refine their advertising strategies with laser-focused precision. By leveraging data-driven insights and advanced audience segmentation techniques, retailers can execute the right tactics for the right customers at the right time, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Enhanced ROI and Cost Efficiency: With V2’s specialized expertise in CRM, middle office, billing solutions and process optimization, retailers can be enabled to achieve the maximum ROI from their retail media networks. By building a best-in-class, highly integrated architecture based on proven industry best practices across media and retail media, we specialize in establishing the correct reports and dashboards for every stakeholder, so that the data proactively finds them, and surfaces the KPIs that they need to monitor and be aware of.

Tailored Salesforce Integration: As a firm using Salesforce to support your retail media strategy, our retail media services offer seamless integration and customization with the platform. This tailored approach ensures that Salesforce becomes a powerful ally in executing your retail media campaigns, streamlining processes, and supporting decision-making.

Real-Time Performance Insights: Salesforce’s comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools, coupled with V2’s industry expertise to implement advanced dashboarding, deliver real-time insights into campaign performance. Stay ahead of the competition by accessing actionable intelligence, enabling swift adjustments to optimize ongoing and future retail media campaigns.

Empowered Teams and Effortless Adoption: Through V2’s training and adoption programs, retail media networks gain the necessary expertise to harness Salesforce effectively for retail media management. Empower your sellers, ad operations teams, and finance teams to forecast, book, and execute campaigns with confidence, increasing productivity and collaboration.

Unparalleled Support for Evolution: In a rapidly changing retail landscape, V2 provides services to help you ensure your business stays agile and adaptable. As market demands evolve, our solutions grow with you, enabling seamless transitions into new opportunities and markets.

By partnering with V2 and Salesforce for your retail media needs, your organization gains a competitive edge, positioning itself as an industry leader. With a strong focus on optimization, data-driven decision-making, and strategic planning, you can achieve sustained growth and foster long-term customer loyalty in the dynamic world of retail media advertising.

Proven Partners. Trusted Advisors. Beyond Consulting

V2 Strategic Advisors is your premier partner for Salesforce retail media services, delivering expert solutions that optimize your retail media technology infrastructure. Our extensive experience and successful track record enable us to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce platform, driving unparalleled success for your new, growing, or maturing retail media campaigns.

Reach out to us today and begin the journey toward elevating your retail media strategy with Salesforce. 

Connect with our team of experts to explore how our specialized services can transform your advertising efforts and fuel your business growth. Let us be your trusted advisor in achieving lasting success in the dynamic world of retail media advertising.