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Gaming and entertainment companies are seeking innovative ways to solve various challenges currently facing a rapidly-evolving industry. Many organizations have focused an enormous amount of energy on regulatory approvals and getting attendance to casinos and live events back to pre-pandemic levels. Others realize that consumer expectations for a more personalized approach is growing.

Gaming and entertainment brands are recognizing the importance of focusing on their long-tail customers. The struggle is figuring out where to start when working across disparate systems, voluminous data sets, and oftentimes disjointed views of customer information. With an abundance of disparate legacy systems that capture customer information, it’s nearly impossible to create an up-to-date and accurate 360-degree view of customers. This can then inform marketing, sales, service, and loyalty strategies.

Whether you operate a live events company, land-based casino, online casino, sports-betting app, or all of the above, V2 has designed a range of solutions on the Salesforce and Snowflake platforms to help take marketing, sales, customer service, operations, loyalty management, and analytics to the next level. V2 will get you started with a data architecture strategy to help aggregate and normalize your customer data. Which will ultimately deploy solutions that help build a competitive edge when it comes to the customer experience.

Industry Challenges &

Salesforce Solutions for Gaming & Entertainment

Like many other industries right now, Gaming and Entertainment companies are going through dramatic shifts based on new technology and ever changing consumer behavior. Typically when we first start speaking with a client, these are the types of questions they are wrestling with, specific to the gaming space:

  • How can we find out who our new VIPs are?
  • How do we delight and retain our VIPs?
  • How do we continue to provide personalized services to ALL our guests?
  • How does our IT infrastructure integrate with other solutions, critical to growing the business?

In addition to these specific questions, the general Gaming and Entertainment industry is rapidly evolving, here are some of the challenges that the industry faces, along with a possible Salesforce solution to start the conversation:

Player engagement: The gaming industry is always searching for new ways to keep players engaged and invested in their digital casino, sports betting, and other online games. By leveraging Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud/CDP, and gaming companies can create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that will help retain players and increase their lifetime value.

Fraud and security: With the rise of online gaming and the proliferation of virtual currencies, fraud, and security concerns are a growing challenge for the gaming industry. Salesforce’s Identity and Access Management solutions can help companies authenticate users and manage access to their games and systems, helping to prevent fraud and protect against cyberattacks.

Data analytics: As the gaming industry becomes increasingly data-driven, companies need to be able to make sense of the massive amounts of data they collect from players. Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud can provide insights into player behavior and preferences, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions about game development and marketing strategies.

Customer service: Gaming companies must provide prompt and effective customer service to retain players and maintain their reputation. Salesforce’s Service Cloud can help automate and streamline customer service processes, enabling gaming companies to respond to player inquiries and issues quickly and efficiently.

Monetization: With the rise of free-to-play games and in-app purchases, gaming companies must find innovative ways to monetize their games without alienating players. Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud can help gaming companies manage their e-commerce channels and develop new revenue streams, such as merchandise sales and digital downloads.

By using a combination of these Salesforce products, Gaming & Entertainment companies can address these challenges and create a more engaging and secure gaming experience for their players. With personalized marketing campaigns, enhanced data analytics, and streamlined customer service, gaming companies can retain players and increase revenue.

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When it comes to Salesforce-based solutions for Gaming & Entertainment, V2 has Industry-specific Salesforce demos that show the Art of the Possible, which offer a clear point-of-view based on what we’re seeing in your market and helps to facilitate deeper conversations about your requirements and goals.

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